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Christina Aguilera drops new music video for "Santo" featuring Ozuna

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1 minute ago, TheRealLou said:

Yeah, but thats just latin era. You expected Loving Me 4 Me, Fighter or Maria in spanish? Please. I expected a modern version of Mi Reflejo with lots of collabs, and.... its okay.

Im expecting good music. Her non singles from Stripped are better than the singles from this EP. Whats the point in putting out new music if its not great? Whats the point in releasing new music if you wont promote it? I just dont get it. I wish she would put in half the effort she used to. I love collabs, collabs are not the issue. The music is just.. bland.

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1 hour ago, TheRealLou said:

yeah. absolutely more intresting than an old friend from MMC that is busy with her mental health and posting pics of roses, coffee or art paintings. we been knew sis. we are excited.

Actually there's a info that first 2 EPs are only for streaming and download, she will release the third EP combined with EP1&2 as a whole physical album, probably in autumn so if you wanna have a record we have to wait.

Why are you so pressed? This is Britney dominated forum, there is no need to bring up Britney's legal drama which obviously the only thing you fans can bring when it comes to actual success then all crickets talk. 

Play defence like an adult and not like a pathetic 15 year old. 

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On 1/13/2022 at 2:05 PM, gapeach704 said:

Is she really in a pic with her “baby hairs” slicked down? Seems….a little problematic if you ask me

:ehum_britney_um_unsure_confused_what: Gives me blackfishing vibes tbh  

Lol I would prefer the baby hair than have a  5 years  of unwashed hair twirling around the living room just saying 

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On 1/16/2022 at 3:33 AM, Живак said:

she is a curse, making a latin trendy music with hit singers on that market and still flops harder than glitter released on the 11.09.2001

So does it mean Britney is cursed too because she has been in and out of mental institutions but still unstable 

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1 hour ago, Killerluv said:

Lol I would prefer the baby hair than have a  5 years  of unwashed hair twirling around the living room just saying 

When was the last time Christina had a song on the billboard hot 100? Nothing from Christina’s last album charted, and nothing from this Spanish EP has charged. So, it sounds like Christina should be twirling around her living room with unwashed hair so she can save money to help the label RECOUP! Look at all of the money the label put into Christina’s last few albums and they’ve made them no profit. Enjoy the new Spanish EP. I’m sure it’ll light up the charts 


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4 hours ago, icybaby said:

La fuerza is going to have 6 tracks. Like really why to make that half albums then ppl waited for like forever for any music from her. And half of it would be already out so will u buy the whole album when u heard 50% of it.

Oh My God Wtf GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Apparently she is releasing 4 EPs this year. A new release strategy. don't know why they would bother with the effort and then just not promote it 

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