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Jamie Lynn claims Britney locked them both in a room with a knife as she was scared (New Nightline interview)

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4 hours ago, rennen2.0 said:

It's not even so much about what she's saying for me, it's about what she's not saying that speaks volumes. I don't necessarily doubt these things happened but there's an entire story we're not privy to. 

The fact that there's no context to the incidents described is shocking, and they are described in such a sensationalising manner purely for effect.  Imagine putting your sister on blast like that after she compared herself to a victim of ***ual/trafficking abuse. For 13 years. Not only that, but Britney has been denied the opportunity to tell her truth. For 13 years. And even made reference to this during her court testimony and the fact that her family can do interviews as they please. 

Also, the fact that there's very little of what Britney actually said during her testimony, and no mention of the truly shocking revelations by the NY Times, by Jamie Lynn or the interviewer, again speaks volumes. I assume questions about those things, many of which can be back up by court documents and/or third party accounts, were off limits.  


Right? Like it’s hearsay to say that Britney did these things if you’re not providing solid evidence or receipts. In this instance, Jamie Lou’s experiences can’t solely be used as evidence because she’s not a reliable narrator.

What is factual, however, is the fact that Jamie Lou pulled a knife in a public restaurant. :awww_sarcastic_pout_britney_2006ney_idc_poor: Footage and all to back it up… :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening:

My wrath towards Jamie Lou only grows by the day. :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:


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So the 'incident' happened in 2020 if Maddie was 12! Britney found out what a two faced piece of **** Jamie-Lynn was and rightfully called her out.

I'm assuming the alleged knife incident was much earlier on as JL claimed to have been so 'young'.

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JuJu Chang is in on the smear campaign JL’s forging against her sister. JuJu had to have read the book prior to this interview, which the public doesn’t have access to yet, so she should have followed up with more questions. 

There is A LOT of CONTEXT missing!!!

Follow up questions like:

WHY did Britney feel so scared in that moment that she felt the need to grab a knife and hid away from someone to protect herself and Jamie Lynn???

WHY did Britney get in her Jamie Lynn’s face cussing her out in front of the kids… as if JL’s kids hadn’t heard worse language by their Papaw Jamie? (You can ask Preston & Jayden abt the words that come outta Papaw’s mouth.)

Hmm, I wonder WHY Britney became erratic as her global fame increased … just rewatch the Matt Lauer interview she did in 2005 to get a better understanding. At least we get the answers from Britney’s  own mouth as to why she felt what she felt & why she did some of the things she did. Right or wrong, everything happens for a reason. 
Again there’s a valid reason why Britney allegedly behaved the way JL claims she did but JL and JuJu offer NO CONTEXT. So **** them both for intentionally misleading the public!!!

EVERY A-list CELEBRITY undergoes changes when they become super famous because there’s so much scrutiny, pressures, people look at them differently (good or bad), they have a lot to learn about life itself as they’re  growing up in the public eye and adjusting to it all, dealing with the expectations from a record label and from the fans too.

The media was all up in Britney’s breasts asking if they’re real or not and all up in her vag1na asking about her virginity when she was only 17!!!

Britney has had former friends, employees, ex-boyfriends and relatives sell her out… ya know like her mama Lynne and sister Jamie Lynn are doing with their “what about me” fake *** memoirs that omit a lot of truths while exploiting Britney’s pain for their own financial gain which also serves their main purpose of making themselves look better in comparison.

JuJu and JL can go **** themselves up the *** with that 99¢ bargain book JL’s peddling.


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8 minutes ago, generation glory said:

WHY did Britney get in her Jamie Lynn’s face cussing her out in front of the kids… as if JL’s kids hadn’t heard worse language by their Papaw Jamie? (You can ask Preston & Jayden abt the words that come outta Papaw’s mouth.)

OkaY, this was in poor judgment on Britney's part tho. Do it when the kids aren't there. I get the heat of the moment, but it's something to regret later on.


But I do agree this is all in JL's poor taste. She doesn't want to mend anything with Britney. And it seems like it's the Spears family way of punishing Britney when she doesn't do what they want: PR tour.

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Sounds like this interview is trying to redeem everyone but Britney in some way. She says after Britney yelled at her that Jamie and Lynne sided with Britney when what it really sounded like was them saying to JL that your sister is so mentally ill that she can't help herself so let it go. That's not siding with Britney. Siding with her would be admitting that the level of control they have exerted on her since she was a child may have contributed to some of these "outbursts". 

She even implies that Jamie was sober the whole time since he was being tested with Britney but we know he had a DUI in 2009 and she believed he was drinking again in 2014. 

No one is accountable for their actions and wellbeing except Britney? What Wendy said!!

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Let her speak, let her talk her shít as much as she wants and thinks it's ok... Cause when Britney does speak, it's only gonna look worse for judas lixo, I'm sure. One of the dumbest things ever is not knowing when to STFU, at this point she's coming across as just desperate. Let's just wait and see :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

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21 minutes ago, Slayer said:

My blood is actually boiling. This dumb ***** has the audacity to even say she doesn't know why they do not get on when she is basically calling her 'crazy' and 'dangerous'.

Britney has been fighting to be freed and YOU are saying she is a danger and crazy. How ******* disgusting.

I swear to god karma better get this POS.

Agreed and what disgusts me the most is that she's calling her "dangerous" and "erratic" but we have yet to see her helping her or even just emphasising. She could've been like "yes my sister isn't doing the best mentally cause a lot of **** happened to her but i'm here for her and want her to get better". But no, instead she's essentially (in my opinion) calling her deranged and the only answer is to lock her up against her will.

She claims to be a victim of abuse and having mental health issues but we have yet to see her being there for the well-being of her sister and actively seeking ways to help her. You don't put a conservatorship in place just because someone may have (cause we have yet to see confirmation of this) mental health issues. Honestly I really feel sorry for Britney for having such a terrible "family", if we can even call it that 

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I don't wanna be mean or rude but what to expect from a girl who got pregnant at a very young ages? I always look at her as a rebel sister who got so much anger, felt like the whole world is against her and rebellious. So much jelousy and hatred towards her own sister. Ungrateful cuuntt. :parisok_hilton_chewing_gum_pink_phone_Reading:

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“No one ever considered me”…

Am i in the twilight zone right now, ***** this isn’t about YOUUUU…you’re not the victim here!

a loving family member doesn’t start a smear campaign against her own because this is exactly what this is, disguised as a some therapeutic tell all!!

“It matters that I WAS in pain”- says this with a blank face as if talking about it now isn’t all that painful and your “pain” was 10 years ago Britney’s is still ongoing, and even worse now that junior lou wrote a friggen book


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