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New Sloan Video "Britney Spears is NOT Free"

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Just now watching this video (looks like it was posted 3 hours ago) and he is stating that Matthew Rosengart appears to be working out deals with the other side. It appears that the Jan 19th hearing wasn't postponed, but Rosengart has worked out a deal & going to get rid of the hearing altogether. They're wanting to remove the subpoenas, squash the depositions, and remove the hearing. Looks like Rosengart AGREED to this and it's awaiting sign off from Judge Penny. Anyone else watching/already watched this? Thoughts? 

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Generally speaking I quite like Sloan’s content, but I feel like he can sometimes jump the gun a bit. I don’t want to give Rosengart the bad eye when it’s not justified. That's not fair at all. If you ask me it’s too early to draw such conclusions. Remember, it’s only been weeks since Britney has been freed of her conservatorship of the person and she is still in a conservatorship of the estate. I have zero knowledge of this part of law at all (not the least because I’m not even a U.S. citizen), but Britney’s case seems very complicated so it seems normal for me that Rosengart needs time to get everything straightened out and get through all the paperwork, receipts, etc. It’s good to be critical of the process, the parties involved (and the people employed by those parties) and the system, but let’s not all gang up on Rosengart before we know more about the current situation. 

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i dont agree with his video. he should wait before jumping the gun. they all obviously agreed on a deal we dont know most likely. or she changed her mind about going after them. It would be another court battle for years that could cost her millions then whos to say they will ever be charged for  any crimes.

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15 minutes ago, rocXtar said:

I can’t with Sloan. He literally thinks he’s the reason why the free Britney movement got its exposure … 

we shouldn’t make Threads about his poor sensationalist content  since it’s unnecessary tbh 

I'm sorry Britney Spears Reaction GIF


I definitely did not realize he had been click bait-ish when it comes to her! 

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If Rosengart is doing anything it’s at Britney’s discretion.  He may give her advice, but she ultimately makes the decision for what she wants done.  Knowing her heart, it wouldn’t surprise me if she chose to not pursue legal action against anyone in her family or team con.  But I guess we will we. 

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