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Did we ever figure out why all the IG pics are such poor quality?

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Don't want to wade into the pro/con politics of the nude thread (which seems to have divided the fanbase 50/50) but just a simple technical question that is bugging me - why to this day are all her posted selfies the quality of a circa 2006 flip phone? 

If they are from screen captures from a video then that's fine, but why post those instead of investing a few seconds to take a separate picture? Part of the GP reaction to these photos really has to do with the dark blurry quality, worse than anyone's iPhone can produce today. 

It's just an odd decision from someone who has worked with professional photographers and cameramen for over 2 decades and clearly knows what makes a good/bad photo.

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I think she doesn’t care about material possessions at all whatsoever because she was denied access to buying anything for 13 years. Any time she actually asked for something it was a lengthy process for her to purchase something, and she would often be denied. The act of making purchases has probably been so troublesome that she naturally now has an aversion to it because it only takes 7 times for a behavior to become a habit.

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Now she is chritisized for quality of insta pics. I mean ppl really give it a break. She had to approve to buy phones, cars etc for 13 years and still she has to -cship over her estate is not dissolved still. And u care about quality of the pics. At least she communicates with us. She can clearly deactivate her account, go to some hidden island and never come back. I wonder what would u say then.

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7 hours ago, Jaime Jean said:

I’m still on a IPhone 7, sometimes my pictures are blurry, no idea how to fix it personally.

i have an Iphone 7 still but i manage to take high quality pictures (for an iphone 7) 

you need to tap on the screen so it can focus on the subject and you can also adjust the brightness which can really make your image post worthy without editing 

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