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A few theories!

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This is my first post so please be kind! I have watched and followed the breathe heavy website since the beginning but only recently made an account 😛

I’m a HUGE fan of Britney the singer/entertainer and person. It goes without saying she shines and there’s no one like her. Like a lot of you, I’ve been hooked since I first heard BOMT and have always supported her through the highs and lows. 

 I’ve got a lot of theories and no other Britney fans to chat with about them so I’m curious what you guys think! Looking back on 2007, I believe Britney was tired of the control.. so blackout and the rest of the “rebelling” we saw in the media was a big FU to her team and family. We all wonder about the famous MTV performance and I believe it was purposeful on her part. She was being forced to perform, so over it and making that obvious. The songs called Gimme more..  think about it! The only reason Britney went along with everything and played the part all those years in the conservatorship was because of her boys. I would bet that her son knew what he was doing and how to push Jamies buttons just right when he Jamie assaulted him and he issued a restraining order. He was the one who finally took a stand for his mother! I wouldn't be surprised if Britney and the boys had a plan! Maybe I’m crazy.. what do you guys think?? 


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