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Joshua Bassett says artists are responsible for their fans' behavior (cough Olivia Rodrigo cough)

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I agree. And it’s one of the reasons stan culture can be so toxic and dangerous, even. Stans are obviously passionate about their fave and their art but then, on their own, start making assumptions about how that artist should navigate situations or go on to defend their fave even when they don’t have any facts. They are literally unknowns and outsiders to their fave (99.9% of the time) but then present themselves as some kind of authority of their faves lives.

I can imagine being an artist is difficult in that respect.

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I completely agree. Its like when Camila Cabello fans started attacking Normani with the N word and lynching photos, all because she called Camila "quirky". Camila didn't say anything to her fans for days and when she finally spoke up, the fans stopped and Normani took a break from social media. 

Or just like Trumpsters and the Capitol insurrection. Famous people who have a following, that say they can't control what their fans do are ignorant. 

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This can be said about MOST fandoms. Nicki's is by far the most problematic to me, followed by Beyonce's. Taylor's fanbase is bad, I'll admit it. While I am a huge Taylor stan, her bevy of teen girls and boys (now probably young women and men) can be quite aggressive. But even Britney's (whom I stan far more!) fanbase can be exeptionally "Toxic" with all of their death threats and such. Ari's and Katy's fandom aren't far behind. Now we have BTS's who aren't proving themselves to be much better. So, before we just go calling out Taylor, let's remember that out of millions of fans in a fandom, it is hard to control all of them. Immature people will do immature things. Toxic people will do toxic things. There's always a bad apple and no amount of trying to calm them down will get everyone on board. Fandoms just really need to chill the heck down and appreciate, love, adore, whatever. But these celebrities don't need us to fight their battles and these fans need to realize that.

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29 minutes ago, Henry M. Torres said:

I totally agree with him by the way :emma: I like some of Olivia's songs but it's ****ed up how people ate up HER point of view and she made him look awful. 

I also read that she allegedly used Joshua to hide her illegal relationship with some much older producer :walkin_fire_meltdown_burning_flames_panic_mess_exhell:

He has a song called Secrets that could be about this 👀

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I kinda don't agree, at the end of the day, musicians aren't 'parents' to their fans, if anything the fans' own parents should be teaching them not to take their admiration for a celebrity too far and to be a nice person on the internet.

If a fan starts harassing whoever said lyric is about that's their own problem, but they also shouldn't be doing it in the first place. I don't think Olivia would condone her fanbase to be doing this anyway.

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4 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

Zach is hands down the best interviewer when it comes to music. I love him so much. :howiroll_beyonce_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_white_shirt_hands: Anyways, I wouldn't go as far as to say it's their responsibility, but I do wish artists would call their fans out more. I wanna see Taylor do something like this the next time swifties send someone death threats:



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I disagree. The people who are responsible are the people sending out hate. Olivia is very young and she shouldnt be held accountable for other peoples wrongdoings. 

The young generation is filled with hate, Olivias or anyones statement wont stop them. Society and the toxic stan culture is what we should blame not the artists. By taking part in toxic stan culture we enable this type of hate waves happening. There will ALWAYS sadly be the crazy obsessed haters who wont back down and theres nothing Olivia, Taylor, Britney whoever can do about it. Hold the people who do the deed accountable, not a musician who sings love songs. 

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