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Heyp! Watch estonian eurovision contenders for 2022 big show here! We had 40 songs in quarterfinals, now we advanced to 20 in semis

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Fiona And Me is just so chill. didn't advance , tho you can watch it on the link

Plaksuta is a fun song that is so moody and mellow at the same time


Golden Shores has that really cool background in the music. it has this unique sound in unison of this all. the background of this song sounds like there is something trying the listener to remind something immediate.


Fire track has that very cool chill mellowness. and the woman is all other than prudent and quiet.

What To Make Of This is this relaxed peacebringing track

Dramanda "Tule minu sisse" (Come into me) - i really don't think this track is necessary

Quicksilver is just so generic and unnatural in its romance. Quicksand is better. at least Quicksand is way more fun and better too.

Aovalguses - so not excited and its not urgent for me to listen to this. Kuula was like SO. MUCH. BETTER. this one does not even seem to be genuine even one bit.

i don't like Tunnete keel (The language of feelings)

My Mom is just corny

Sandra well it has got talent and got everyone talking (Black Velvet's song) Hey at least its fun and a positive song in this general snoozefest. and its cool Sven Lõhmus wanted to make a happy song. it gives people emotions. it makes people happy and smile. the video is so fun too WATCH IT! https://jupiter.err.ee/1608420269/black-velvet-sandra shame they don't have english subtitles. the one uploading to youtube should make them. this song at least makes sense and depicts desire. and moreover, pride of women!! it would be cool if it went to Eurovision altho people there would like it to be in English. blahH! there is like one woman but many more aspects of this woman!~cool! i think this group of peeps really want to win!! Sven is the one who has always brought the absolute Eurovision elite songs! and many times on the big stage!!

Ariadne "Shouldn't Be Friends" - i am not sure if it qualified but i want to get rid of this song forever

Stefan Hope is something a lot of people like. but not me. i guess i would ridiculously grow to like it a little in case it won the competion

deLULU "Music Saved My Soul" - to be honest i like it. but to be honest they made the phenomenon to make it as boring as possible. i don't believe the music saved the singer as in this song

Goodreason "Three Days Ago" too sad song for me

Elina Nechayeva "Remedy" - too stereotypical for me

oh sorry there are eng translations all the more suspicious why the uploaders to youtube don't add them? or have they already added? anyway

Lauri Pihlap's song is an ultimate borefest

Levvis "Let's Talk About" - IM CURIOUS DO YOU AS THE GAYER AND MORE FASHION COMMUNITY LIKE IT??????????? i don't !

Little Girl is also not for me

Anna's Champion so i think it s SUCH a boring song for Sahlene that its just unorthodox. now after all these years and such a terrible excuse for a song. i'll try to listen to it a little.... i mean its Anna Sahlene. i should like it right? she really wants to use this possibility tho so i would not be sad if she went. i bet she likes Sandra :D :D

Alabama Watchdog "Move On" - i kinda like this song but it gives off the feeling as they loved it to be halfa))ed too

Under Water - not for me i don't want to be under water like diss

Kuradile is just too stereotypical and trite and boring

Desiree "Siiani" beautiful but unhealthy for me

Elu Rüpes for me is -exy but saad

Mis Nüüd Saab has a beautiful for me all the more than i find mr Zevakin rather **** and superior. Grete Paia and Andrei Zevakin have a lot of fan base. it won't suprise me if it won

Vahel Lihtsalt is a humor i don't really understand or jam to

Triin Niitoja ja Frants Tikerpuu "Laululind" is a total guilty pleasure but in my opinion Frants should never wear glasses

for the rest i only like  Traffic, Stig and Maian

Stig is a very tasteful song

I like this from Traffic for exchange

Maian is beautiful as always

Boamadu does nt have much to offer either







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