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Jamie Watson, Jamie Lynn's husband, chats with a rando about his family's use of Britney’s money

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It is not that far out of line to expect JL to say something publicly. 

Britney's Instagram did post birthday wishes or other congratulatory messages to family, including JL. A lot of people do post publicly as well as privately. It is very common.

I do agree there is no need to message strangers like that or give Watson this attention, he responds as he probably enjoys it.

(The frantic posting of excessive happy family pics by these people, though....methinks thou doth protest too much)

Would prefer the IRS worked on the Watson, JL situation.

Interesting though, how James P Watson III seems to have incorporated multiple investment (or other )  entities since 2007.

Louisiana based, or based in Florida (where Lou Taylor's partner Shawne Blair runs Tri Star (see latest SwatTeamforbjs posts).


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I want to see justice for Britney as much as the next person but these fans gotta chill. The arrogance they have in thinking they have the right to ask the questions they do and go off on people.. like what? Imagine the audacity to message a stranger and be like “why didn’t your wife congratulate her sister on her legal win?” I’d tell that person to **** Themselves and leave it at that. Get a life. 

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Look, I don’t like them either, but can we leave them the **** alone? 

We’re Britney Spears fans here. It broke our hearts every time she wasn’t left alone. If someone didn’t like Britney, all we wanted them to do was to leave her alone. Why can’t we leave them alone? This is literally bullying. They shouldn’t respond, but they seem to continue doing that. 

You don’t like them? Ignore them.

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