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Have you seen 'House of Gucci'

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The performances in the movie are good but the pacing is terrible and there is no arc that unfolds. It could have been a Netflix production and not for cinema if it weren't for the big names and beautiful cinematic shots.


The killing happens in the last 20 minutes in the movie. Patrizia is shown as sweet and angelic in the beginning, edgy and egoistic in the middle and a cry baby and murderer in the end.

It doesn't play out well, the story is not delivered interesting enough for the big screen and none of the actions have consequences for the protagonists (except Maurizio falling out of love), hence there is no excitement watching the movie.


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1 hour ago, Spicechinodiva said:

The only genre I like Is horror, I need her in a slasher film maybe as the killer. 

She already did that - it was called American Horror Story: Hotel. :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

Gaga and Adam were amazing, but everyone else was tepid, especially Jared Leto who looked dreadful throughout the movie. Also the pacing was questionable. 

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When the current head of Gucci Tom Ford actually calls it to camp to be even taken seriously and disrespectful to the fashion legend and prays the family gets the film banned in Italy (the Gucci family has talked about a lawsuit if it didn't portray him in a good light, looks like it might happen). 


He was more than the crime this film is about.  

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It was actually really bad.

the editing and the song choices were terrible.

It could’ve gone a campy route, like Jared Leto’s performance, but it took itself too seriously.

Patricia’s character arc was just a mess. They couldn’t decide what tone of the movie to have, and what to focus on.

Jared Leto’s performance, the hairstyling and makeup and the costumes are the only good things.

Gaga looks so beautiful in the movie, and I love her flirty girly side at the beginning, but she didn’t deliver the emotional parts.

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