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OPINION: Britney needs a PR ASAP!


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Just now, Naes614 said:

She can say what she wants.  Christina said crap about Britney back in the day. I don’t want to hear the “she was young” crap cause she was an adult. She had beef with Mary j bilge and Pink. So this really is nothing. Britney fans are so dramatic with anything she does 

Say what you will, the forums and comments are not taking Britney's side on this and are not defending her the way we are. The negative consequences could easily follow up, and I don't know who will we have to blame once she loses the support of GP (which was extremely important to have in dismantling the cship) once again. It's a dangerous territory she's walking at the moment. 

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I think this is just riling up fans - Britney didn't even say it was CHRISTINA she had a problem with, just a problem that Christina didn't talk about it. Maybe she was referring to the manager that didn't let Christina speak? IDK. Give Britney time to elaborate. The way people are reacting says more about them than it does Britney. 

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16 minutes ago, BUWYGF said:

Let me set one thing straight first:

I am a HUGE Britney fan, always was, always will be, and everyone on this website knows so. However, her latest instagram story is NOT good for her career whatsoever for many reasons, let me elaborate on this.

Britney definitely has the right to speak up about anything she would like. Moreover, she has every right to be angry, we can only assume the atrocities she had been put through. Us, her fans, are defending her when it comes to the whole Christina Aguilera thing, BUT, GP is not taking her side on this.

Luckily, they empathize with Britney greatly, but they still think she is wrong. And to an extent, she really is.

Christina Aguilera (like her or not) was one of the VERY FEW stars who actually spoke out about Britney's situation. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, was utterly quiet and spoke up only when it was dismantled. Moreover, she tweeted about how amazing Jamie was and befriending him – yet Britney praised her, and shaded Christina.

Of course, this is far from me trying to say that Britney doesn't care or is a bad person, Heavens forbid. BUT, she DOESN'T KNOW who took her side and when they took her side. She has NO idea Christina actually defended her. Moreover, I can only assume she's suffering from slight PTSD right now, and people who have this tend to lash out and become easily triggered. She NEEDS a good PR to guide her, because a couple of more stories like these, and it could seriously damage her career path and her persona.

If she never wants to go back to the music industry, then fine, she can do this all day. But we all know that she does want it; the rumours are, she's thinking about an album already. If she wants to continue being the music legend she is, she needs to contain her emotions and not lash out at her peers, no matter how good or bad they are. It is simply not good PR and people will start to avoid her. I hope she gets necessary guidance very soon (in form of a therapist she herself chooses who can help her cross this bridge from being enslaved to a free woman, because there is a bridge ahead of her).

For her career, this is extremely worrisome. I genuinely hope she hires a good PR person or a company very soon, she needs good advice, she has a huge following. She needs someone who can guide her through the business side of things ASAP. 

Thanks for reading.

You’re forgetting though, Christina never signed an NDA as she was never around Britney after 2008. Gaga has met Britney since 2008 therefore she legally could say nothing about nothing 

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So true about getting a good PR team. I am sure Britney and Xtina will resolve this maturely between themselves and come out with a picture together or something, without the internet turning this into world war 3.

Christina seems like she is mature enough to cut Britney some slack here and Britney is mature enough to let it go and focus on the bad guys.

Much ado about nothing

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1 minute ago, MonaLisa613 said:

I’m sorry but weren’t most of y’all pissing and moaning constantly about Cassie, saying Britney needs to control her own Instagram, I won’t believe what’s being posted until I know Britney’s the one running her Instagram. Well guess what, now we have a Britney running her Instagram, so suck it up buttercups, ya can’t have it both ways.

And the fact that so many of you put so much stock in the opinions of strangers is ridiculous. I mean do u let their comments affect your love and fandom for Britney cuz I sure ******* don’t. I’m sure not about to turn in my fan card cuz others have a problem with her. 

**** the gp, as long as she has her fans she’s good. I only buy music, merch and go to concerts of people I’m a fan of, if I don’t care for them, I ain’t supporting them end of story, at the end of the day, the only people an artist really needs is their fans.

Exactly, but sadly to alot of people, the person or group they stan is a form of idolatry for them and they feel it reflects on them personally and they take personally what others have to say about who they stan. I'm with you though. 

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