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If Britney wrote a book, what topics would you like her to cover?

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    Rather than debate the merits of a book vs an interview, I thought it'd be a good idea to compose a list of questions we've always wanted Britney to answer.  Think in terms of her entire story and not just the past 13 years.  

    Let's try as much as possible to keep personal opinion and debate out of it and just stick with a list of (serious) questions.  That way, if Britney does in fact have spies on BreatheHeavy, she has a place where she can easily see what us fans would most like to read about.

    I'll go first:

    - Her relationship with her family prior to fame. 
    - Did she ever feel like she was being exploited in the early days, over***ualized, the whole ‘virgin’ thing, is she happy with the direction her career went in?
    - Her relationship with Larry Rudolf.
    - Would she have liked to do more live singing performances?

    - What happened with Justin?
    - Why did she marry Jason Alexander?
    - Her marriage with Kevin Federline, the birth of her kids and her divorce - the beginning of the media downfall. 
    - Did she have post-partum depression?
    - Why did she shave her head?
    - Her relationship with Sam Lutfi. 
    - What happened on the night she locked herself in the bathroom and was strapped to a gurney. 
    - Her feelings about her stints in rehab, was she being treated for an addiction or mental illness?
    - What happened with her mum during this time?  Where did Felicia go?

    - What and who triggered the conservatorship?  Did she ever feel like this was a good thing?
    - What happened with the men she’s dated over the past 13 years, were the relationships genuine? Healthy?
    - Was she over-medicated during the XFactor?
    - Did she feel like she had a choice in any of the the different career moves since 2008, did she enjoy doing Vegas, how much input has she had on the recent albums?

    - Is she still struggling with mental illness?
    - Her relationship with her kids.
    - Her relationship with Sam. 
    - When did ‘Project Rose’ start and was she trying to communicate her need for help through Instagram?
    - Does she actually have any celebrity friends or are they all just a bunch of fakes.
    - Does she think reconciliation with her family is possible?
    - What does she want for her future?


    What’d I miss?

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    1. Her source of strength and spiritual views / experience  and God (very inspired)
    2. Her motivation and work ethic inspiration, how does she do it
    3. What she has learnt from it all
    4. How she stays positive, grateful and high vibe despite it all 
    5. Her parenting inspirations and thoughts
    6. Where she finds courage
    7. How she deals with all the criticism, intrusion and stays sane
    8. The importance of ditching codependency and putting self first (self love)
    9. Her visualization, focus, mental toughness techniques
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    It kinda feels wrong but I also want to know everything; not to judge her but in a concerned / genuinely curious way.

    And yes I kinda don’t want everything to be about the conservatorship, I think I’d love more to know how she feels about her career as a whole.

    What work is she proud of? Does she know how amazing she is? Is she aware that she’s Britney Spears, the face that launched a thousand ships?

    Does she see her younger self as a threat? Does she feel pressured to perform to “primeney” level? Is she aware that her dancing skills declined? (understandable) How does she feel about it? Does she resent us in a way? I wouldn’t blame her if she does.

    And then at the same time I kinda don’t want her to answer a single thing… she doesn’t really have to.

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    39 minutes ago, handmedown said:

    Why doesn’t she just up and move out of LA, buy a ranch in the country where she won’t be hounded by paps?

    I think she has answered that a million times. She wants to be able to do what she wants, without adjusting to anything else. Why should she move from LA? She loves LA, it's the paparazzis that are the problem. And even if she moved, there would probably be paparazzis anyways. Does it matter if 30 people are chasing you or 3? You're still being chased.

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    On 11/18/2021 at 10:45 PM, leviathan said:

    It kinda feels wrong but I also want to know everything; not to judge her but in a concerned / genuinely curious way.


    Does she resent us in a way? I wouldn’t blame her if she does.

    And then at the same time I kinda don’t want her to answer a single thing… she doesn’t really have to.

    I think you sum this up really well.  I want to know the answers to all this stuff and none of it at the same time.

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    TBH, I think we need to wait a really long time because we see how much of a riot her calling out Xtina is causing. Britney's words really hold a lot of power and she really has a way of getting a reaction out of people - its weird to me. 

    My topics I would like to hear her write about -

    1. The realities of going from Disney to back to your small town of 2000 people; what its like to go to school and how it felt to be a hometown celebrity.
    2. When she started feeling like the people closest to her stopped looking at her as a human and more as a product and what signs she saw that represented that.
    3. How it feels to have people make such a big deal about moments in your life and what it feels like for that sort of reaction to come from the public.
    4. How it felt when the media was creating stories about her and how this messed with her perception of the powers in America and worldwide.
    5. The pressures she had to remain beautiful and youthful.
    6. The time she spent in artist development and what she experienced working on her first album and how that differed when she had to recreate it and manage keeping up success. 
    7. The pressures she faced to grow her career and audience. 
    8. What led up to her putting her foot down around In The Zone. 
    9. What she thinks truly lead to the conservatorship. 
    10. Why she decided to wear wigs and not rock the shaved head look. Also how people in her inner circle reacted to her shaving her head.
    11. Why having kids at a young age was so important to her. 

    Really anything! I just want to hear her reflect - I don't need to know the exact storylines as much as I do how they made her feel. 

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    What happened with Original Doll would be interesting!



    mostly I wanna know her feelings on her work during the conservatorship. We know she didn’t seem happy during the FF Tour& was hardly on Britney Jean.  I wanna know what she thought of those eras & how much input she had or what she was made to do.  

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    On 11/18/2021 at 2:07 PM, handmedown said:

    Why doesn’t she just up and move out of LA, buy a ranch in the country where she won’t be hounded by paps?

    I always assumed it was because of the kids. They're minors and live with Kevin in LA or nearby, no? Even when they become legal adults, if they still want to live in the LA area, it is possible Brit will want to stay there to be near them. Especially now that she will be a free woman when they turn 18! I bet that's so exciting for her. 

    But to answer the OP's question, I'd love to know how she originally envisioned her career. Some sources say she wanted to do a Sheryl Crow type of sound. But she was clearly very inspired by the 80s pop legends - MJ, Janet, Madonna. What did she originally want to do when she was a teen & got signed to Jive... and what would she have done if the conservatorship hadn't happened. 

    I'd also love to know how she found out about the Free Britney movement & what it was like going through the court proceedings knowing she had such a support system in her fans.

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    All of the above plus a lot of behind the scenes info about her music, video shoots, award shows, winning awards, unreleased music, tours, the writing and recording process, etc. I want there to also be a focus on her success and singing/performing ability.

    Give fans some extra fun facts that we didn't know until this point. No specific questions I just want new info about her career. Maybe ask her what ALMOST happened in the past that never did. What she wants to do career wise in the future.

    Also give the fans the circus tour DVD finally. Those limitations must have expired by now.

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