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Adele: I don't make music for TikTok

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I just love that about her. As much as I am not really feeling any of her new songs, I just love the fact that she has zero effs to give. If there is something that immediately  turns me off about an artist is desperation to fit. I won`t mention names, cause my point is not to bring anyone down buuuut, I think careers that had been legendary were washed off by this need of being the "it girl" even when you are reaching elderly levels. And I hate ageism, what I mean is that you can tell they don`t speak from their experience, they just pick and choose things they assume will be liked.  

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8 hours ago, Aquaseity said:

Iconic response tbh. Say what you will about Adele being bland or whatever, but there's something still exceedingly refreshing about her not running from her age or the fact that her audience has grown older with her. It's rare that you say loyalty from an audience toward their listeners in the context of age--I think a lot of pop girls like to pretend that their listeners are as young as they were when they first got fans and became famous. Taylor is someone else who comes to mind as someone who might have made peace with getting older and writing to/for fans that aren't teenagers, even though she still has plenty of young fans, just like Adele has.

True-ish, but also Her album is literally called 30 which is like 4/5 years younger than her actual age :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney:

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