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Serious Topic - Britney and Xtina's connection and life's similarities

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I decided to create this topic here, not in Britney section, because her section is hot from nowdays news :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

I was always feeling that and i would like to discuss this with you (don't buy "With You" @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN 2003 single) :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

1. The same age - one year apart - we can say the same

2. Both superstars, one bigger, but the other still big (always it could be like Christina would flop of Britney success, but she didnt, she has her own, she wasnt like @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN)

3. Both at MM club 

4. Both releasing debut album the same year, having the same success (look at 2.)

5. Both married kind of the same age - one year apart - we can say the same

6. Both 2 kids

7. Both divorced

8. Both after public breakdown - one of them had a biggest breakdown in pop history, other's one was more about converting herself into parody of herself

9. Both kissed Madonna :shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

10. Both were friends

11. Talent shows judging one year apart :snapney_tongue_lick_snapchat_britney_funny_p:

12. Both 6year album break (?). Lotus 2012-Liberation 2018, Glory 2016, Maybe Something 2022? :urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed:


They're life's has always some part of cosmic connection, just like it was meant to be :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

What u think?

@Midnight @JayTawndre @boyinthemirror (i know that you turn of your account but still...)

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Christina and Britney had good relation before and in 1999. In 2000 after constant media attack about Britney/Christina rivarly Xtina decided to shade Britney but in very light way - for example: "Hear the music, you will see the differences". She was tired of questions about Britney. Britney gained more success than Christina so since Stripped era Xtina decided to shade her - because she felt like she's the talented one and Britney should be the second one. Britney was responding sometimes with shade as well. Finally after 2 years of shading Christina stopped it - the last real shade was in 2004 - "I don't know anymore her and her boyfriend (Kevin Fed)". Britney after so many shades stop talking to her. But in 2005 Britney sent her marriage gift. The last real communication they had in 2007 - Xtina wrote a letter to Britney is she needs any help. After 2004 and for sure after the breakdown Christina didn't say even one bad word about Britney - only positive - but Britney shades her in XFactor interviews probably twice, or maybe not the shade but a shady laugh when they asked her about The Voice and Xtina, but for sure that was a influence of Simon.


And yeeeeeeeeeeeees 11. Almost the same timing with Talent shows The Voice/XFactor :weusay_tiffany_cackle_cackling_chuckle_giggle_lol_haha_hehe_laugh:

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As a fan of both, I would obviously love if they were still friends. I mean, we know how iconic  2000s were and this will never happen again with any other couple of artists.

I think that neither Britney nor Christina imagined the success they would get, but we can't deny that since the beginning, only one was America's sweetheart. This was because of Britney's charisma as opposite to Christina,  who was more guarded.

I think that both were taken advantage of since they were very young, but to me this is were their lives began to take different paths. Christina was able to take control of her career because of a stronger mindset and because it was easier, but Britney's situation was different  because hers was an emporium, a brand, and she would need a whole team to help her, which at the end caused a loss of control in every sense.

Let's be real: Christina got respect from the industry but she never got people's  hearts, and once she decided to have a family, she devoted herself to her role as a mother (her family was more important than her career, as it should be) so people lost interest in her. On the other side, Britney wanted to do the same, but it's obvious it was harder for her because the people handling her brand ("milking the cow") would not allow that. Additionally, every single decision Brit made, as a mother and as an artist, would be discussed  by the general public  and every media outlet. It must have been very difficult for her to try to please everyone.



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