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Kanye West called his shaved head haircut 'The Britney'

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Mr. MAGA you’re a *****.

So this guy is going to make fun of Britney? Why doesn’t he invite Charlie Sheen over and they can do a double act. Call it “Winning - Ye and Tiger Blood”

It’s to his benefit to embarrass Britney to cover up the fact that people will be (possibly, probably, allegedly) going to jail (allegedly)

Ye has a company with Lou called Kids Supply LLC - check the public records. 


Many people seem to think it was ok to be disrespectful and dismissive to Britney. For some reason early in her career it became ok to openly mock her, embarrass her and treat her as a s** object.:fu_britney_flipping_off_finger_mad:

Everyone is on notice - Britney ain’t playin’

welcome to hell swerk GIF


All comments are alleged and for entertainment purposes only.

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53 minutes ago, Stefani said:

So he's officially cancelled on here, right? Because y'all gave Katy so much grief ever since she made a similar comment in 2017. :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

While I don't believe in cancel culture, Kanye seems to be one of those celebrities everyone just forgives and let him say whatever. I mean, just last year he exposed that he wanted Kim to get an abortion for their daughter. And before that, he is infamous for saying "slavery was a choice."


I have seen other celebrities (both male and female) do less, get way more hate on sm than him.

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I don't think he meant disrespect. He knows they are both scrutinized for having mental health disorders. Remember how he dissed MTV VMA's for her in 2007:

“They exploited Britney in helping to end her career,” West told deejay JJ at New York radio station Z100 on Monday. “When Britney was opening [the VMA telecast], near the end, I felt so bad for her. I said, ‘Man, it’s a dirty game. This game will chew you up and spit you out.'” 

He was saying the hair cut and his name change to ''Ye'' is empowering for him. So he was mentioning Britney as a good thing, like they are both equally badly treated for their mental health struggles but they own it. 

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I have mixed feelings about this because the reality is that there was nothing WRONG with Britney shaving her head. It’s what we she wanted and what she did. I’ve had so many female friends who have shaved there heads at some point, and it was a perfectly healthy expression of empowerment, letting go, releasing, healing, liberation, etc.

The media stole her narrative and Britney was thrust into the public’s narrative and was demonized and condemned for simply shaving her head. It became like a symbol of mental illness and brokenness which is beyond absurd and unfair. And now there’s so much sensitivity around the incident and I wonder what Britney would think about a person shaving their head and calling it “the Britney”. 
A part of me wonders if she’d find it funny or say “F—K YES” with her middle fingers up. Like maybe she would rather that than it be some kind of hush hush, scandalous, sensitive topic that puts people on edge. I also get the possibility that she might not want any of it, or for it to be brought up at all because of the trauma surrounding those events. I just feel like a lot of what was so traumatizing at that time was created by the media storm that surrounded her and not the act itself, which I hope she doesn’t feel at all ashamed of.
Idk. Like I said mixed feelings. I just wonder if maybe we shouldn’t be so sensitive about it and approach it with a sense of humor because I feel like the Britney we know today definitely would. 
Feel free to drag me lol. Just sharing my thoughts and considering the possibilities. 

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see this is where i differ, call it my mental problems or whatever.

i didn't yet see what he said exactly but i don't think just saying the haircut is called "The Britney" is absolutely disrespectful by default

and this opinion does exist

EDIT: i watched and this after-comment seems out of place not him saying the haircut is The Britney. he did zero disrepect with that

if you call me saying that mentally not okay, well you might engrave that opinion to your head about me for the rest of my life cause i don't see me cowardly backing off saying there was ZERO DISRESPECT in that.

there is diversity in this world what is possible to say and there are people who always make limits. but for me this is rather an expansion of thought by Kanye.

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stay back from Katy, stay back from Kanye

Katy never insulted Britney and wrote Passenger for her

these are artists

did Kanye say something bad about Britney directly?

did Katy?

they just expressed themselves more openly.

can we please refrain form Paranoia :///////

you can't say you know for sure Kanye wanted to insult Britney

don't you say yourself sometimes Britney 2007 was legendary?

maybe just oh maybe its in that realm?

where exactly did Kanye insult Britney?

Kanye is here to pay Britney respects!!

saying this is to pay respect from artist to artist. did he know some people will have a problem? yes. did he still say it to maintain his artistic integrity? HECK YES.

i will bow down to it :bow_bowing_orange: and i did and it gives me all the good artistic energy


 i will make my choices Kanye will make my choices and even Britney will keep making her choices online what you all don't absolutely tolerate and cringe upon and now maybe call it as a mistake because Britney's mental health has been challenged. and thats that alright

Britney has even made choices regarding to her dancing style which she likes i like but many of you don't


#ARTISTSCONQUERTHEWORLD #KanyeBritneyAndMadonnaWILLCONQUER THIS WORLD..WITH ME and with or without y'all

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