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A list of items Rosengart is requesting from Jamie

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Just now, Soso said:

Lou Taylor in her Tri-Star office:Good Bye Reaction GIF

hopefully, but I'm afraid it won't be that easy to incriminate her. 

If she's gone that far it's because she's very sneaky and she may have covered her footsteps about all her shenanigans.  And I feel like Jamie is so brainwashed by her that he's willing to take all the blame in an extreme situation. 

But who knows, hopefully he points fingers at them, and they all start pointing at each other, because the nice part is that he's gonna ask for any person at Tri Star Jamie had a relationship with, so we'll see how strong is their friendship between Robin, Lou, Jamie, etc, and if they're all willing to cover Lou or not. 

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28 minutes ago, Bambas said:

I said it on another post, but they are missing to ID all payments made to TMZ.

That could potentially fall under "All documents relating to any $ Jamie - or any entity affiliated with him - received since 2008", given TMZ have literally been granted access to Britney's case by the court since the very first hearing (I think).

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1 minute ago, dran said:


All these things Rosengart is requesting, is this now all listed in the books and documents that were supposed to be turned over when Jamie was suspended? Or, this is all information that is not necessarily reported?


From my understanding, what was supposed to be turned was the communication between Jamie and the cship lawyers. This is extra information.

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