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Britney's psychiatrist submitted a letter to the court in October 2020 detailing Jamie's toxic presence in Britney's life

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11 hours ago, Whyshouldibsad21 said:

She’s so grossss🤮 how can you ignore something like that? Trash trash trash. Her and her son. I’m so glad for the scrutiny she’s getting due to this case. It’s what she deserves. 
Demarcus Cousins Sport GIF

Gosh I was watching his show insecure last night (I forgot he produced it) and then he showed up in a behind the scenes interview, I was just so disgusted, I felt uncomfortable with him even staring at me:trash_throw_away_recycle:

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9 hours ago, Britman512 said:

this same medical team who wrecked havoc over her body in 2011, I think it’s crazy she managed to perform while so doped up, Britney god bless and can’t wait for rosengart to expose the medical team for the evil they are so far they’ve been avoiding a lot of public blame

That's what I keep thinking about.  Like, if I even take a Benadryl, Im woozy, so to think of her possibly allegedly being on these powerful drugs and STILL PERFORMING FOR TEN YEARS! How dangerous! And HOW SCARY for her that must have been! Going out there, performing in front of the world, and probably in a complete daze because of the medication!  What if she tripped, or fell off the stage, or fainted.  THEY CLEARLY SHOWED NO CARE FOR THIS HUMAN BEING!!! And to think this was medication that MAY have not even been necessary! This all makes me SO mad!! And I cannot wait until Rosemary exposes everything.  

*allegedly for entertainment purposes only*

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7 hours ago, blackoutbixxh said:

The whole justice system is so corrupt. 

This.  And I keep wondering if or how involved Larry may have been in the beginning.  I keep forgetting he was once an attorney, so he could have known many loopholes.  It just makes me so MAD! All of this!  It seems like none of them cared about her!

*allegedly for entertainment purposes*

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How Brenda J. Penny became a judge

‘In 2018, former California Governor Jerry Brown appointed her to serve as a Superior Court of Los Angeles County judge. In March 2020, she won re-election by default after the primary and general elections were canceled because she was the only candidate. Her term is slated to end on January 4, 2027’

I predict Brenda will retire soon to get away from this hot mess she continued to facilitate.

#FREEGRAPES (rethinking…)

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That is unbelievable! How can the judge claim to be following the probate code by acting in Britney's best interests and completely ignore medical evidence like that.  She has totally lost sight of what she is there for, which is supposed to be protecting the interests of the person under the conservatorship. I agree it was public pressure that changed things here. Otherwise nothing would have changed and she would have been in it for the rest of her life. Shameful! 

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On 10/25/2021 at 9:08 PM, Britman512 said:

This supposed medical team sounds like they come from a horror movie, They’re just trying to save themselves since 2020, when they could’ve stopped drugging Britney themselves just because it was morally wrong, and morally wrong, to force her to have an iud.

this same medical team who wrecked havoc over her body in 2011, I think it’s crazy she managed to perform while so doped up, Britney god bless and can’t wait for rosengart to expose the medical team for the evil they are so far they’ve been avoiding a lot of public blame

It's not the same thing and I'll be the first to say it's not. I take muscle relaxers when it's that time of the month since I have such bad periods. I'll take the muscle relaxer and I'll watch tv for a bit. I'll point out Mannix because I usually watch the episode even if I know it's gonna be good, gonna be dumb as hell or if I know it's gonna be boring. You got that perfect storm. If Mannix is a slow episode and I have that 1 Baclofen in my system, I literally stagger like I'm drunk. I'm not play acting or drama queening it up. I damn well know not to take that pill if I still have stuff to do around the house. It's only taken at night and it's definitely not something to take and then take a bath because I could honestly see some **** going down if I did that.

That's one pill. There's no telling the amount of meds Britney was/is on and the disturbing thing is (imo) you wouldn't be able to tell it. Yeah, you might have some scenes of her looking bored. I'm talking about scenes where she's staggering around or just acting out of it.

Meds can be damn strong, especially if they're going against you. My dad was in poor health before he passed away. He was one of these that literally had a duffel bag of medication. He got put on something...can't remember the name or even what it was for. He was tripping the **** out. And it wasn't funny to see. It was frightening to see him saying "Please look up on the internet how I can get these sticks and twigs off my arms." "I'm seeing hairballs rolling across the floor." One doesn't know if that medicine was just off for him or if it was a case of he was taking so many damn medicines and they're CLEARLY not mixing well with this new one and that's what's throwing everything off. 

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