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"Rebellion" & "Who Can She Trust?" Where Are You Now To Celebrate Blackout Anniversary?

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Let's FREE these Blackout outtakes from the vaults by the root of its teeth. We all know by now what noise can do so let's go & #FREEREBELLION 

"Rebellion" - Songwriter Jeff Dandurand has been threatened in the past by management from leaking the full song himself one time on YouTube. Sam Lufti also has it on CD and there's photo evidence of it. He needs to be messaged or approached by the likes of BritneyOnline.com who are renown for exclusives, that way the leak wouldn't be pointed at them. 

Sam Lufti's photo of "Rebell" gold disc on the right above the blue disc -  https://twitter.com/SamLutfi/status/1122213081390702593/photo/1



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Jeff doesn’t have **** he’s a liar and didn’t contribute to the song whatsoever, I stated before the song is allegedly part of a rarities album dropping this December and Scott allegedly reworked it for release not sure how accurate it is but a few songwriters told me the same thing about other tracks 

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I really don’t believe it exists anymore.  The demand has been there since day one and no one has leaked it.  ESP during this movement when everyone is rebelling against her team…it would be the perfect timing…especially considering they are probably less interested in pursuing charges against a leaker and more interested in spending their time trying to silence those speaking out against the c-ship.  If it does exist, it’s somewhere on a computer at RCA…I doubt any cd it was ripped to still exists.  If it does, I wish whoever had it would grow some balls.

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I don't get the Rebellion obsession. It's not like we don't have a track, it's there. First verses and most importantly, chorus. It's probably not even finished.


I would much rather hear tracks that are completely anonymous, like "Bring me home". Or unreleased video material, like cameo for a *****cat dolls video:jumpney_britney_green_excited_yay:


*smh at the Exhale censorship. I meant Britney's cameo for Wannabe video:cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

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