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Alec Baldwin's prop gun for new film "Rust" has a huge mishap causing an injury and a fatality in a rare freak accident..

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Alec Baldwin is involved in a freak accident when his prop gun, ended up causing an injury and a fatality.  


Unfortunately these accidents are rare but happen once in a while, the most infamous one happened in 1993, when a prop gun ended up actually having live bullets, and ended up killing Brendan Lee, who was in his first and only movie, The Crow.

What's sad is this was the only child of Kung fu action film legend Bruce Lee, and The scene is still in the Crow, as it was how his character died before becoming the crowd's immortal role..


Oddly TV shows and movies are always filmed out of sequences of the script.


Editing is how they put the film together.


The beginning scene of most films, are always filmed last.


Our thoughts are with Alec and the families.

FYI, there will be no investigation as it was an accident, but like most accidents the families are guaranteed to sue, the people behind the movie to get some profit extra than just the work they were paid for. 

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19 hours ago, KrisJ said:

This is horrifying! I’m sure he’ll be protected and not spend a day in jail but he’s literally ******** someone 

He's not responsible for what happened, the people who do the props are, whoever is in charge of props is responsible.


Alec not at fault, he didn't even do manslaughter as it wasn't intentional. 

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54 minutes ago, Jefferson Silva said:

poor victims/ poor alec

i saw people the most horrible things on twitter

i was glad i dont participate in any social media people are evil



The trump supporters are definitely having a hey day with this, saying its karma for what he did on SNL was basically a parody..


But he wasnt the only president SNL mocked, and he won't be the last.


But he was the first to say he was bullied and teased. 


The others understood being a parody on SNL is part of the job.

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@Jordan Milleryou know more how to incorporate this stuff. 




But walk outs on film sets have been happening, it's basically they want weekends, 8 hour days, instead of 16 to 18 hours, and only 4 to 6 hours of sleep, not really proper lunch or meal breaks, outside two 30 minute meals. 


People are complaining that with deadlines of 60 to 50 days, it's not a good mental space. 


So protests have been happening to change the industry to match the tv show industry which gives crews line 3 to 6 months off. 

Younger generations said if it takes a year or two to make a movie so be it, the deadlines are added stress to us. Plus we are humans, I need time to be with people I care about not people that only pay me and don't wanna know me. 

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1 hour ago, Style. said:

Yes, this raise a lot of questions. Like how and why? I still can’t believe. 


Whoever is in charge of production, is cutting corners, by hiring non union workers, due to union workers protesting against poor working conditions, such as lack of rest, no days off, etc. 




@Jordan Miller


I've been saying the industry is gonna hurt itself by refusing simple requests like shorter work days, weekends off, don't have deadlines and etc..


Crews are parents and have personal lives that matter as well..


All could be prevented if there requests are met. 




I remember watching the special features on scream, and was craven said the big climatic showdown end between Sidney and the killers was shot over 20 days and some days were 16 to 18 hours, and both Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard said during takes they would be covered in blood and had to wait 5 hours. 


Neve Campbell had little to no sleep, cos nights belonged to scream, and days were party of five. She had only enough time to shower and fly a plane to the LA set if her TV show. 


So this is why crews are protesting. cos they know in the film industry, unless the production is done, they don't get a day off..


Some miss the birth of their children, birthdays and celebrations like Christmas cos of deadlines by studios, they paid the budget, so money is more important over the health and safety of the crews and actors.  

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On 10/22/2021 at 5:41 AM, KrisJ said:

This is horrifying! I’m sure he’ll be protected and not spend a day in jail but he’s literally ******** someone 

You make it sound as if he's at fault. These weapons get checked and tested multiple times before the actual actor gets them.

Yes, he killed somebody but it was literally the LAST thing he expected to happen.

If anyone is at fault and should be risking jail, it's the person responsible for making sure the gun has got blanks in it and not the actor.

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It’s the production company’s fault for cutting corners when there have been incidents of misfires that left crews concerned and eventually walking out, making them do long commutes  rather than booking hotels so everyone gets fully rested. it’s also upsetting that with today’s technology that they can’t find safer ways to achieve the same effect. 

Reminds me when Britney got sliced by a matte box due to negligence and not making sure the working environments are safe. It doesn’t hurt to have a gazzillion safety meetings and isn’t there supposed to be someone who triple checks these things? The cinematographer had a family and is a mother! Soooo sad! There shouldn’t be no deadlines as it used to be we waited for almost a year for productions to release now shoot times seem to be a matter of months now. 

hollywood needs a huge overhaul 

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I'll never understand why some people use real guns, machetes etc. in situations like that. It's incredibly dangerous and it's not hard for a tragedy. Like this video on TikTok where magician accidentally chopped off woman's head during a magic trick because she didn't hide her head on time...

It's horrible and most of accidents like that are caused by human's stupidity. It's incredibly not fair when innocent people die like that.

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9 hours ago, Isla said:

Such an incredibly sad situation all around. My heart goes out to the victims’ family and friends.

It does make me wonder why a ‘prop’ gun was loaded though.

Prop guns many times are loaded for films just not with bullets but with blanks. Blanks still have the same pressure and if someone is too close this could happen unfortunatly.

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