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If Britney decides to do movies, which movie remake do you think she should do

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27 minutes ago, Arwen said:

I’d love her to play a super hero/villain type role. Something like Avengers or something with special powers so I can watch her blast people with laser beams😍

Bring back the pink hair and black costume from the Toxic video!!!!😍😍😍

toxic britney spears GIF

Let her be Jean gray <3 but if the movie is about her : ))

she can invent a new character as well 🤔

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1 hour ago, Anibalto said:

Death Becomes Her. She could play a good Madeline (Meryl Streep), the movie has everything, comedy, gore and magic. 

I love DBH. That movie is hilarious and very underrated. A camp classic.

I see Britney more in the Helen role though. But she could do either.

Who do you think would play opposite her in the other two female roles? Xtina? Lady Gaga as Lisle? and who would play Bruce Willis’ role?


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Or maybe a live action of The Nightmare Before Christmas or anything by Tim Burton. I think she'd enjoy anything that is unexpected from her, that allows her to play a really different character, maybe even something that required her to go brunette, or really short hair, or I don't know, something that made her look and act completely different than what we're used to from Britney

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There's A Girl In My Soup - Britney said she liked this movie before and she has that bombshell Goldie Hawn vibe.


Other than that, I think a live-action version of the anime film Perfect Blue would be amazing, but given her situation and her story it would probably be a little too real :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:


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