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If she wanted to, could Jamie Lynn really help Britney get out of the cship?

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In 2008, when the conservatoship was placed Jamie Lynn was only 17 years old. In 2010, when Britney tried to get out, Jamie was 19 years old dealing with her own child. I don't wanna to justify Jamie Lynn but I just wanna to understand, If she wanted to help Britney, she would have the strenght and resources to do it? She would have the mental strongness to backup Britney and go against her father?

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4 minutes ago, AndyFoster said:

She may not have had the resources, but she had a voice. 
A voice that she chose not to use. 
Lock her away!


it was easier for her to look the other way and live off britney's fortune and use her name to start a flop music career.

it's not just that she didn't speak up or do anything to help britney, it's that she took advantage of her sister's terrible situation to live like a celebrity

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2 minutes ago, WhatTheHellWhoCares? said:

She could have given her emotional support at any age. 

Anyway, who cares now? Britney is getting herself out of the conservatorship and JL and the rest of the family are CANCELLED. Let’s stop giving them attention. 

It doesn't matter now but is hardly to believe that no one in her family would help her. It's insane!

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May be not physically help her, but she could had advocated for Britney. She has a platform and voice to stand up for Britney. 

If she didn't want to get involved in public drama, she could have been for Britney in private. But, Britney said loud and clear that NOONE was there for her.

Also, many comments that Jamie Lynne gave earlier shows how pro cship she is.

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Technically she could. Anyone around her could've signed themselves as interested party and ask for termination. But I assume no one knew, like most of the world, what was possible, what was not, etc. 

We won't know until she speaks, but what Britney has said so far, I think the real issue why she's upset with her is specifically for not wanting to help her out of the facility and be like "I'm sorry you're in the conservatorship". 

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She couldn’t have done much when it started but she always at any age could have been a decent person/sister and supported her sister. Taken her side. Defended her. Not gone off to vacation at Britney’s house while Britney was locked away in a facility and just shrugged her shoulders about it. 

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Based on what Juno Lou did to the other kid on Zoey 101, she's been a horrible person for a very long time. 

I will say that it must be very hard to be the little sister and growing up seeing your big sister being the biggest star in the planet, but she eventually became a mother, she grew up and she picked a side, and you can easily tell which side...


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1 hour ago, WhatTheHellWhoCares? said:

I don’t get it. Are you saying you don’t believe what Britney Spears said in court? On a Britney Spears fan site? And calling her insane? Seriously? 

Take your defence of JL to her fan site, oh wait-she doesn’t have one. 

You miscomprehend what I said. What I meant is that for me its insane that no one in her family helped her. The Spears are the worst family in the entertainment business.

I'm not a Jamie Lynn fan, I was trying to understand If she had a chance to help Britney but just didn't want to, or that she couldn't help Britney by reasons out of her control.

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