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Facebook changes its name to Meta

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Update: Facebook is changing their name to Meta. Via The Verge:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday at the company’s Connect event that the company’s new name will be Meta. “We are a company that builds technology to connect,” Zuckerberg said. “Together, we can finally put people at the center of our technology. And together, we can unlock a massively bigger creator economy.”

“To reflect who we are and what we hope to build,” he added. He said the name Facebook doesn’t fully encompass everything the company does now, and is still closely linked to one product. “But over time, I hope we are seen as a metaverse company.” 




Facebook has the web talking about a name change “ The Verge” ..having metaverse plans . What do you think? 

I called it Fakebook and left many years ago. Will you stay ..Do you think a possible name change is the right thing to do ? 

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I think it would be horrible. Because is not only the name, but that most likely would also change the F icon, and that would be like the ultimate deadly weapon for the brand. 


Facebook is reportedly planning to change its name in an effort to reflect its work building the "metaverse," The Verge reports, citing a source familiar with the matter.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly plans to announce the name change at the company's Connect conference on October 28, if not sooner. The name change could signal Facebook's intentions to grow further beyond a social media company and into more of a tech conglomerate. With Facebook owning Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR devices, and other brands, the name change will likely organize every group under one umbrella, similar to Google's change to Alphabet in 2015.

Zuckerberg has previously commented on Facebook's intentions to expand into different technology and the metaverse. He told The Verge earlier this year that "we will effectively transition from people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company.”


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I actually wrote about this for work!


TL;DR: Facebook may re-brand.

Facebook is, and has been, under intense scrutiny.

They are considering a name-change, The Verge reports. It's rumored the re-branding encompasses Facebook's 'metaverse,' a mission to combine virtual and augmented reality technologies into one unified online world. 


The metaverse is “going to be a big focus, and I think that this is just going to be a big part of the next chapter for the way that the internet evolves after the mobile internet,” Zuckerberg said this summer. “And I think it’s going to be the next big chapter for our company too, really doubling down in this area.”

It is believed Facebook will hire 10,000 new employees for this endeavor. 

We might know more information on the new name come Oct. 28 – the date of Facebook's annual Connect conference – CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to speak. 

The rumored name is 'Horizon.'

Horizon is "the name of the still-unreleased VR version of Facebook-meets-Roblox" company currently under development. A Facebook spokesperson said they won't comment on speculation.

Facebook wants to restore faith with the public, which has steadily declined in recent years. They hope a new look and feel will help. 
Earlier this month, Frances Haugen, who formerly worked at Facebook as a product manager, testified before congress claiming Facebook was fully aware its platform was used to spread hate and misinformation, yet did nothing to prevent it.

Others believe Facebook intentionally chose profit over others' health and well-being.

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44 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

I think Instagram is farrrrr better than FB. However, at least for BH, Facebook reaches way WAY more people. I'm talking millions more. 

Instagram is gerting very bad reviews from this year :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams: They are turning down many accounts. They also disabled mine account for nonsensical reason :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad: Yet facebook is also losing a lot of users like instagram. But for the site I agree, Fb is more useful. I always see BH pop up there :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

I wish we all get a new app from someone else and that everyone switches there :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer: 

I do not like the idea of everything belonging to one person. Instagrams help center is awful! They treat their users the worst! :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

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2 hours ago, Isla said:

Aren’t they just changing the name of the Facebook Inc. company? I’m pretty sure the website will still be called Facebook.


This isn't as serious as it seems, they are just changing (actually, creating) the name of their "umbrella" corporation: "Horizon". Google did the same with "Alphabet", their parent company, so this is not new or that crazy.

Of course, they're also doing it to save face, because "Facebook" (the social media website), which at the beginning was their main product, is under a lot of investigations right now.

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Facebook will do anything to make it look like they’re doing more to protect your privacy or to help mankind… except for actually doing things that really do increase privacy protections and better humanity. 

I bet they won’t actually rename Facebook.com but will rename the company owning Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, etc., similar to what Google did with Alphabet. 

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