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If Britney Ever Forgave Jamie Lynn For Her Crimes, Would You Be Able To?

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Jamie Lynn was not relevant to me before, I don't see why she would be relevant after? Not my buiness who Britney wants to forgive. Ideally she becomes a super good supportive decent sister who kicks Lou out of her life but it's just something out of our control. What will be will be. JL does own the freebritney movement and fans an apology for her rudeness and dissmisivenes but on the other hand she gotten nasty vile comments too. I dont give a **** about her frankly. Personally what am i supposed to forgive?  


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I'm typically a forgiving person, especially if the person I'm forgiving is genuinely apologetic and has changed their ways (which isn't necessarily the case in this hypothetical scenario). I don't know if Jamie Lynn is capable of seeing her faults when it comes to the conservatorship, but if she did admit to them and apologize, I'm not sure I'd believe she was being sincere. She's always glommed off of her sister's fame, so if JL were to have some huge change of heart, I'd be suspicious that she's only doing it for her own benefit. 

So I guess my answer is no.

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I would have a lot of respect for Britney if she did because I wouldn't. From interviews alone we could tell how much Britney loved her sister and to witness JL betray her like that is seriously heartbreaking. I don't know if it's because I have a younger sister & I'm so lucky to have an amazing relationship with her that I just wish Britney had that with JL too? Idk it makes me really sad because siblings should look out for one and other :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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I'm not the one to forgive her. I don't even know her, I've never cared about her even before we knew everything we know now. I just want Britney to be in peace. 

Even before when Britney used to love her, I didn't love her just because Britney did. I've never really cared about her family, partners, not even her children (I mean, I do care about her kids in the sense that I want them and Britney to be happy, but I won't be stanning them or following them now that they're grown up just because they're Britney's kids, that's just like, nope) 

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 I am not defending Jamie Lynn ....I hate what she's done.

BUT  her being young , she was probably groomed to be a certain way.  Also Jamie had a interest in Music and knew these people could get her into it .  It wouldn't shock me if she saw what they did to Britney and possibly thought they could do to her as well.

 If Britney forgives her then I have no right to hate her. You can forgive someone yet dislike them and things they have done.  But if they mend their relationship I would prefer Britney having her sister back....then the pain of not being close ever again . 

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Oh guys, can we have a bit more positive thoughts here, please?! I don't think we have to forgive JL in the first place, because we are not personally involved. If Britney forgives her, we should be okay with that. 

People saying they still hate JL should think about the scope of hate. Please be more gentle to people, especially if you are not involved personally. It is totally up to Brit and while we can have our opinion, we should not let emotions drag us into negative thoughts, please 🙏

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I feel like there's a big difference between forgiving and forgetting. Speaking from personal experience, I can forgive my family for certain things that happened, but I'm never going to forget it in that, that trust is forever broken. You need to "forgive" someone so you can move on and not remain bitter and angry your whole life. But that doesn't mean you have to let your guard down to a point they could ever be in a position to put you in that situation again or even allow them into your life again.

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