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Britney reportedly feels completely abandoned by Jamie Lynn

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I will never forget when Britney had to leave the Lucky music video shoot early one day because she had to go see something JL was doing at school. She always put JL first, and was an incredible big sister and that little brat repaid her like this. I would NEVER do that to my siblings ever.

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She's trash and i hope Britney never, ever, forgives her. Its a damn shame Britney FANS can spend their hard earn money and support Britney at court fighting for her freedom(something she should have already, wtf?) yet Juno Lou-flop is no where to be seen. Just trash. I hate her and I dont even know her. 

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5 hours ago, frederiickx said:

Blood does not make a family, and I hope Britney learns that now. It is so horrible that THIS is the family Britney got, because she deserved so much better but I hope she completely cuts out Jamie Lynn, Jamie, and most or all of them that were not there for her. Jamie especially tried ruining her life and would have NEVER let her out of this conservatorship alive. He is evil, but so are the people who helped keep her there like JL. Lynne didn't even do anything until the fans were telling her to do something and she should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to continue. We love you, B! You do not need anyone who doesn't truly love you, in your life.

Felicia has truly always loved Britney, and you could always tell. Her trying not to cry at the end of the documentary was heartbreaking. THAT is your family, Brit. I hope you reconnect with Fe soon.



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I would too, if I were her. Although I don't think she will as she seems a sweet-natured, forgiving soul at heart, I hope she disowns EVERY single one of her "family", sues the **** out of them as she stated and lives her absolute best life on her own terms, the way she chooses. She literally deserves that at this point.

But I'm sorry, every single time I see JL mentioned, I think of the "wrap your mean *** up in joy" comment. I'm choosing to believe that remark is the natural sequel to the ICONIC "go to the light and see Jesus".

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21 hours ago, Kletus said:

I bet Britney thought that maybe, MAYBE, her own family would see that she is a human being. But no, Juno didn’t and will never see Britney as human. And Britney realized this. Their relationship is OVER!!! :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:

I got to really thinking about this earlier. Goodness knows I'm all over this board talking about how her family royally betrayed her. So Jamie's a drunk and Britney's afraid of him. There's a whammy.

Lynne and her can't say no to Britney bull****--How can you not sit on your *** and think for just a few minutes of how things were when Britney was growing up? I imagine there's very few situations where you can say "I'm totally cool living with the drunk person. We're cool. There's no bull**** drama going on." I bet there's so much fear. And being Jamie's wife, I would think she'd be able to realize "Jamie's gonna push this into overdrive. It's not gonna be about Britney's well fair and what's best for her." But she continues to sit on her *** year after year. I can only imagine when Britney didn't have to act like Britney the entertainer/wasn't around her kids that she probably walked around like she had been sucked dry. And Lynne's still okay with this? You're not worried and terrified for your daughter? Wow.

Bryan--Old enough to see the **** going around when he was younger. Another person that I would think would be clued in "Dad's not gonna let this go cause he's not that type of person." I really don't give a **** if somebody's supposedly on the wagon, found Jesus or whatever the hell else wants to be said. I would still think one would be wary, ya know? But no, the c-ship's good for the family. *laughs*

Jamie Lynne--I realize I can't let her off the hook as an adult. She's got a working brain. Absolutely no spark that something's wrong going on? 

Birds of a feather truly do flock together, don't they? Every ******* one of them benefitted from the torture of their own family member. ******* sick.


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