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Britney reportedly feels completely abandoned by Jamie Lynn

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Added some reporting to the OP - includes mentions of the trust and LT 


Britney reportedly feels "totally abandoned" by Jamie Lynn. According to a new report from @Enews, Britney is deeply hurt her younger sister "turned her back on her" during the conservatorship battle.

An insider shared the information following news Jamie Lynn is releasing a book, something Britney seemingly mocked in a new Instagram post.

"Britney is very, very angry and hurt," the insider said. "She feels like Jamie Lynn totally abandoned her and let her down in the fight of her life. They were best friends and everything to each other for so long."

"[Britney] asked for support, and feels like Jamie Lynn turned her back on her and couldn't be bothered."

Jamie Lynn has maintained she hasn't seen a cent from Britney. Her husband recently told fans in leaked messages obtained by BreatheHeavy that he works two jobs to make ends meet. He also said Britney would have been "broke and dead" had it not been for Jamie Spears.

In 2018, the conservatorship quietly made Jamie Lynn a trustee of Britney's multi-million dollar estate. In August 2020, Jamie Lynn filed with the court asking that all assets from the trust be moved into "one or more accounts with Fidelity Brokerage Services with her as the custodian" with Jamie Lynn choosing Stonebridge. 

Lou Taylor has connections to Stonebridge, though her lawyers would like you to believe otherwise. They sent BreatheHeavy a demand letter earlier this year that said the following: "Ms. Taylor does not own or control any entity called 'Stonebridge' and did not move any money at all relating to Britney Spears since Ms. Taylor and Tri Star withdrew as business manager for the estate last year. They have had nothing to do with any funds relating to the estate since that time."

Interestingly, they did not clarify whether LT moved assets around prior to 2020 or not. 🙃

It's evident Britney and Jamie Lynn's relationship is severely fractured. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity for JL to make things right with her big sister (who forfeited her ~13+ years of her life to a hybrid business model). 


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I wonder if Britney is aware of the power she yields. Without too many words, her fans have already attacked Jamie Lynn to a point that she does not have comments on. If Britney was messy, she would weaponize her fans even more. Maybe that’s why she’s so sneaky in her shading. 

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Also, if its true that Lou Taylor moved Britney’s money to Jamie Lynn’s hands, I feel like Lou is smart in that she’s manipulating Jamie Lynn, showering her with “love and support” while at the same time going for the biggest fish that was Britney. I think that once depositions start and it all gets messy, Lou will ignore Jamie Lynn completely. She will realize she chose wrong. And it will be too late, cause Britney won’t forgive. 

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2 hours ago, J45x said:

Or maybe Britney is angry that her beloved young sister who she helped to find roles on nickelodeon payed her by stealing money from her Children Trust and send that money to Loucifer Taylor offshore accounts????? Maybe Britney is angry that her beloved sister stayed quite and complicit for years while she was been drugged, and trafficked? Maybe she is angry that her own little sister sided with her stalker and the mastermind behind all this cship mess, her beloved Miss Lou? 

Britney has supported Juno Lou since the day she was born. She was definitely paying her diapers and supporting her whole family with her Mickey Mouse Club checks. Who else gonna do it? Jailme Spears and his many failed businesses? Nah 


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1 hour ago, NotBuyingIt said:

Yup. JL literally said the conservatorship didn’t affect her one way or the other in her Instagram video. What kind of sister says that about a situation your sibling likens to human s** trafficking? JL played neutral during a very dire time in Britney’s life.

Based on his Instagram messages, JL’s husband has clearly heard from JL that Britney would be “dead” and “broke” without her father - her ABUSIVE father that broke down a door, shook her son, and has restraining orders against him from Sean and Jayden. JL’s husband didn’t even know Britney before or when she was initially put under the conservatorship. So how does he figure this?

JL doesn’t get it. Her sister NEVER met the requirements for a probate conservatorship, but it doesn’t affect JL one way or the other… of course.

And screwed britney’s custody time with the kids

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I think Jamie knows well that what ever success she had, is all due to been Britney sister. No matter who talented she was/is. And it's eating her inside. Jealousy and greed.

She thinks she deserves so much more then she have. And it's seems easy for Britney to gain it all.

I don't know what should happen for them to be close again. They where close when Jamie was a kid, now she is grown adult with husband and children's. They drifted too far apart to be that close again.

It's heartbreaking to see Britney so alone. But she need to find herself other people to trust. To be honest, I hope she'll become friends with some freebritney people, they where there for her when noone was, without asking for anything in return.

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I don't blame her. I feel bad for Britney as she gave so much to Jamie Lynn during her younger years and would always look out for her. If it wasn't for Britney I don't think Jamie Lynn would have been given the opportunities she got with Nickelodeon. 

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Jamie Lynn’s loyalty is to her dad and that won’t change. They both believe Britney is unwell and that the freebritney internet stuff is fueling her latest episode. She’s an awful sister. I can understand not wanting to talk about it, but, she has been carrying about like nothing is happening and it’s so disrespectful.  I truly hope Britney washes her hands of them. 

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