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Jamie Watson (Jamie Lynn's husband): "If [Britney] didn't have her dad she would be broke and dead"

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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The problem with all the motherffff is that they have this black and white thinking.

Was she in a bad place? Yes

Did she need support and help? Yes


One of the most common side effects of depression is memory loss - not ******* dementia.

They're driving me crazy with this narrative.



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On 10/12/2021 at 7:06 PM, elodiebeaaa said:

The crux of the issue is that Britney’s family views Britney’s money as “family money” and therefore, if she is prone to “act out” then she needs to be kept in line to preserve the cash flow. They need a hard reminder that BRITNEY earned this money HERSELF and NO ONE else has any right to it!!’ 

The fact that JL’s husband would defend a man who abused Britney in her childhood and literally put a listening device under Britney’s bed illustrates how truly demented and sick this cesspool of a family really is 

I hope Britney becomes estranged from all of them and starts over 

I'm late to the party but @elodiebeaaa, you said it ALL, HONEY!


:mcwave_mariah_Carey_kiss_bye_goodbye_wave: to all the Jamies :mcwave_mariah_Carey_kiss_bye_goodbye_wave:

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There's a lot of things that could've been different. I think of Amy Winehouse and how it was both a surprise and not surprising when she passed away. Britney was going through a rough patch but you have to wonder how much of it also was impacted by every move being watched and everything you do being water cooler conversation? I would HATE living like that. I'd hate it even more if I'm going through a rough patch. If one thinks Britney was "crazy", how much of it was made worse by living under that microscope?

So you're around people taking advantage of you. So you're jumping from one frying pan to another. You can either have outsiders leeching off of you or your own family leeching off of you? How's that a choice? How is it a choice if the person you're afraid of the most is the one in charge of everything about you? How is it a choice if you don't even have a choice when it concerns ANYTHING you can do in your life?

Daddy, can I watch this tv show or read this book? (It probably was that extreme imo)

Daddy, can I take a vacation?

Daddy, can I drive my car?

Daddy, I don't want to do this tour. I just want to have some quiet time and be around my kids.

You've got a grown *** woman that's being the bread winner for the leeches and she doesn't have a choice because she's gotta go along with **** in order to see the bargaining chip of seeing her kids. How can these people not see how ****** sick this is? "You do what we say or you can't see your kids." 

Again, you can't have it both ways. Either Britney's so sick that she can't do anything or she's well enough to be bread winner and take care of her own life. Can't have it both ways. It's either one or the other. Yes, there's people that can't do anything and those are the ones that need the help. 

I say Britney's kids are what kept her alive through all of this. jmo. I look at what she went through and I probably would've either been in prison for strangling people that kept following me when I just want to be left alone or I would've blown my brains out by being in a hopeless situation where there doesn't appear to be any exits. The good news is I think Britney's about to approach her exit and I hope she goes after every leech that fed off of her for all these years. Make them pay. And don't buy into this hero worship bull**** either. "But she would be ~dead~ if not for us!" 

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So James Watson works 80 hrs a week at two jobs? As what? Where? 

Listed as a "businessman" online. 

Interesting to know more about his "two jobs" or business...

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