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Paparazzi need to chill britney was outside

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2 hours ago, Prachi said:

I truly want to know how celebs like Bey, Taylor etc are never chased like this? What they are doing right? Britney breathes and paparazzi is on her, I fail to understand she needs a solid team to look after her. 

Taylor has beautiful homes outside of LA. Taylor's beach mansion in New England is the one celeb house I would want to own. I suppose Beyonce is in Texas.

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Chillax people.

I watched the whole thing and understand German.

The people doing the report work for the biggest commercial tv channel in Germany – think CBS in the US.

The journalist didn’t expect to see her – they were there just to make a segment where he talked about Britney living in a gated community where she is safe from paparazzi (!)– but also has been imprisoned.

When you travel to the US to make a report like this, you will want to film in meaningful locations to justify your travel expenses.

The  journalist was completely caught off guard when the gate opened AND there was Britney and Sam with the dogs. He says that it is completely understandable that she wouldn’t make any contact or talk about her situation.

The journalist also visited Britney’s home town and shot a segment outside Jamie’s place (garages) and interviewed lawyer Lisa MacCarley (or what’s her name).

The report was pro Britney and how she should be able to live her life and have a baby ASAP.

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