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Scream unleashes poster with tagline it's always someone you know. Trailer low quality leaked, HQ out Tuesday

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Get ready, Ghostface is back. 


The tagline is "it's always someone you Know", the lq preview lets you think, with the trailer close ups to Billy Loomis, and Sidney's virginity loss, and Mrs. Loomis telling Sidney of how it is to raise a son and Sidney says and abandon him..


To sidney saying Hello, 


To ghostface saying it's an honor to finally meet you, sidney, it's gonna be an honor to make daddy proud and kill his ex ***** of a girlfriend.  


So they also show Billy had a son, and show Judy hicks and Billy in pics. 


Passing one torch from one generation to another.  


So the rumors are true of tying it to a Loomis off spring who wants revenge and finish 25 years of the original trio surviving. 



@Jordan Miller

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34 minutes ago, nwonder said:

Is it Stabbie Lynn? allegedly 








Nope @Rik a theory being thrown around, is Gale's camera from the party she filmed in the original scream, shows actual evidence one person survived, this would explain why The house of stu macher and Matthew lillard doing promotion makes sense. 


I think Jill is not a reality, she did survive, but they hint Judy being disappointed in her, sent her to insane asylum they said that charge thing brain fried to a vegetable state, what it was just adrenaline, the gun shot to her lung, put her in that current state. 


It's something from 1996 and hicks is connected and puts a fan theory that Judy planned number 4 and is evil. 



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@Rik the reason why fans think Judy planned scream 4 events.


One scene when Jill was in the hospital Judy said now don't do anything stupid.

Jill said "don't ******* tell me what to do", fans were smart and knew Jill went rogue there, Judy was warning her, this could go bad. 


Judy was the only one wearing a vest, and she knew gale would be pissed, and They said Gale's hunches on not trusting Judy will prove why Dewey should have listened to her. 

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