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what Lithium has done to her

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so I may get a lot of hate for this, but in my opinion, I feel like something crucial happened between 2019 and 2021, and after her statement in June, I’m guessing it’s the lithium she was put on… I saw her most recent interviews from like 2016 and she’s like a different person than what we have seen on her Instagram lately. The way she speaks especially and also moves to a degree. there’s something in her eyes & I don’t know what is lacking, but I’m guessing I’m not the only one that sees it. 

I love her to death and I will always support her, but I’m also not delusional. 

I know lithium is being used as a treatment for bipolar disorder (and others), which she may or may not have, let’s not diagnose her, but anyway, I did some googling and long-term side effects can be hypothyroidism (which generally leads to weight gain), depression, fatigue and some other health issues.

whether she was rightfully put on it or not, that’s not the point here, either way, do you think she will never be the same or does anybody have experience first or second hand and are people able to bounce back?

i’ve just been going through some good footage of her performances and stuff and became really nostalgic and I’m wondering if she is able to get the fire back, we saw some of it towards the end of her piece of me tour and I got so excited. she had the most iconic stage presence in the early 2000’s :bow_bowing_orange: 

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1 minute ago, Kletus said:

Obviously it affected her, and she knows it too. Which is why she didn’t let it go. She put up with everything that happened to her for 10 years, everyone around her told her she had no choice. But this was the last straw. She refused to let this go. And I love and support her, always 

This is so heart breaking but I hope she can recover from it.

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2 minutes ago, Puppy said:

My sister took lithium and when she heard Britney mentioned it, she totally understood what Britney meant as she told me it is that strong and you do feel like a zombie, it’s not fun and she doesn’t wish that on anyone but my sister bounced back and is her normal self. She just said taking it was like she  couldn’t do anything that’s all.

I'm so sorry to hear your sister went through that but glad she is better off now! How long did it take her to feel like her normal self if you don't mind me asking? 

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3 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

My mother was on lithium for a decade and it does have bad long term side effects. I think Britney would be able to recover from being on it for 4-6 months but I also recognize how traumatizing the whole experience was for her. It’s unconscionable what her family did. Like she said, they should be in jail. 

This infuriates me so much, they could destroy her health and life like that - I can't even image what would have happened if she didn't finally speak out this year. And I send prayers to your mom, I hope she is doing better nowadays. 

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2 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

I’m not gonna pretend what the videos are but I don’t think they are a direct result of taking lithium.


To me, Britney’s always been quirky and that makes her lovable. She’s not been “normal” since 2007 tbh. She doesn’t know what normal even really is. Her life is so strange. We cannot even begin to comprehend what it is she’s been through so I’m not going to sit here and judge her actions. She needs empathy and for people to listen. 

Fair enough and I can respect that. I guess Britney's IG is one of the most relatable ones coming from a famous person to a regular person. It's raw and silly and I'm not hating on it, but it breaks my heart reading the comments on her IG. It does make her look somewhat insane to the general public who don't know her better. 

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2 minutes ago, strongertomorrow said:

I'm so sorry to hear your sister went through that but glad she is better off now! How long did it take her to feel like her normal self if you don't mind me asking? 

She was going through some mental problems but she said only a month as she stayed in a mental hospital for a month. She didn’t like it but they went to the extremes so I’m guessing it’s like Britney except my sister voluntarily checked in. She didn’t say specifically how long but it took her months to get back to her normal self so not sure if it’s the lithium or just her mental process. It’s just now she’s back to talking like normal and is her cheery self again. 

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19 minutes ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

The real crime that everyone is overlooking is what did they put her on after the circus tour! Her face change in a matter of months she left the circus tour with her original face & than femme fatale happen. What drug can age you or change your face appearance that quick? I wish I could do a side by side 

THIS! She actually looks a bit similar now to FF era, and idk what happened there, but it must be some kind of medication. 

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58 minutes ago, G-unit said:

Given the way she spoke during her testimony, which was a pretty typical (albeit angry) Britney voice, I believe the way she speaks in IG videos is just her being silly or trying to have a “cutesy” voice in her videos.

The signature Britney laugh was even there when she giggled after she said “because I know I might need a little therapy.”

I listen to that part all the time because of her laugh :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:

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