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What if Britney Didn't Actually "Fail a Psych Test" and Jamie Lied to Her to Send Her to the Facility?

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43 minutes ago, oscar0 said:

It must be said that already on the 2018 tour you could tell that he was not well. His tics and nerves on stage were out of control. Clearly something was up.

Sweetie, she was on a tour she was forced to do, after doing Vegas for four years, in need of a break with limited contact to the outside world. The "tics" came from a mix of boredom doing a show that remained the same for four years, anxiety and frustration. 

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The timeline of it is a mess. In her statement on June 23, Britney said she was called in and they told that she no longer had to Domination. The next day they put her on lithium. The theory of posing as incapable of complying with the residency program makes sense to avoid a default lawsuit, but the true reason for the cancellation of residency still remains a mystery.

Refusing to do a dance move doesn't make sense to cancel a million dollar show.

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