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What was Sam doing during Britneys forced mental stay ?

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Just wondering what he was posting during her stay ? I kinda do not understand why nothing was said … I think he pretended she was ok also ? 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

So many knew and so many did not speak up .. not just her family . 

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Not judging .. just wondering.. The NDA’s can be broken.. just like non competes hold no ground. I like Sam …. He seems like a good guy. Yet his own girlfriend was taken away from him. Yet I heard no one say anything. Then finally it was leaked she was held against her will . 

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8 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

We've heard stories from David Lucado about private investigators nearly running him off the road.

So much so that he contacted law enforcement twice.

Let's not judge Sam A. until we have all the facts.

Also in this situation .. everyone is suspect until the facts are out unfortunately. Its sad to say. He knows that also .


. I wish for them to marry and run off into the sunset .  Have a few kids and let her live her best life. 

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Lets not forget that her whole plan of boycotting work, pushing her lawyer to file for removal of Jamie and finally her powerful speech happened when he was with her. We dont know what transpired. We dont know what he did or didn't do when she was in the facility. But she has in many pist if hers praised him for standing with her and we should respect that.

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Just now, jordeezy said:

Yeah - it's very odd. Could they have made her go to the facility in the middle of the night? Either way, we know Britney knew she was in for a fight but maybe she didn't know they'd go to such lengths as to give her Lithium allegedly. 

 Yes they absolutely could have made her go into a hospital ,  he was her SOUL  conservator 

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23 minutes ago, Thecodeman25 said:

I’m sure his hands were tied just like hers were. I’m sure he was there for her in the best way he could be otherwise Brittany would probably hold it against him as well


Is understandable that people have questions, and we all do, the whole timeline to this day is kinda confusing to me, because all the versions have details that make them different, from Britney's testimony, the paralegal, to what transpired then (I think Absolute Britney had confirmed back then that she had been at the facility since January as a punishment), and even court documents kinda go against the theory that Andrew Wallet ran away from that mess, when Ingham confirmed HE was the one that convinced him of resigning.

But people always love to think the worst too, and never give room to other possibilities. As you said, we don't know what kind of threats were put over Sam. We don't know what Sam was told. Maybe he was told that Britney indeed went by herself to that facility and that's why he showed support on IG. Knowing team Con, most likely all communications were cut and there was no way for Britney to tell him what was happening. Perhaps even the first time he was able to see her was for those staged photos on Easter Day, we don't know.

Maybe he did know what was happening, but thought there was nothing he could do because of the conservatorship. Even if he hired a lawyer to defend Britney, the court wouldn't have recognized it. Maybe he knew if he spoke up, he would be removed from her life, they'd put a restraining order on him, they would fabricate some kind of scandal like they did with Lucado, and Britney would've stayed alone in that situation. Maybe he knew the only way to keep in touch with Britney, at least when the handlers allowed them to, was to play along with their game to don't spark any suspicions.

There's many possible things that could've happened as to why he apparently didn't do anything, but if Britney is so open now about calling out her family, she could perfectly call out her boyfriend too if she thought he didn't do anything for her.


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I just scrolled back in his insta

When he reposted "fall in love with taking care of" and captioned it "it isn't weakness, it's absolute strength."

I wonder if he was saying she's so strong for all she's gone through. Maybe he was saying her finally saying no to her dad was inspiring 

From January to April seems he was just working a lot. Posts a lot of inspirational quotes as captions 

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