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Sam Asghari “in charge” of Britney’s affairs

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I can understand it...

If I went through a traumatic experience where I was isolated for 13 years (lets say kidnapped), placed in a situation where I didn't know who I could trust because my intimate conversations were monitored and used against me - and then finally I was released and everyone suddenly wants to contact me - I probably wouldn't be in a place where I could handle it all and would want to be with my parents perhaps, to feel protected and sheltered and let them deal with all the requests until I could feel like me again. 

Britney doesn't have a family she can turn to... all she has is Sam ...

It will take her time to start trusting others and hiring professionals to help her manage her affairs. After 13 years of being surrounded with staff that you didn't pick and who provided info about you to Jaime - it's probably hard to now be in charge of it all yourself, and how can you be sure these people would be the "right people"? 

She has experienced so much trauma.. it won't be easy.. hope she will get the help she needs. 

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Looks to me like he's temporarily helping her taking care of some stuff like phone calls and interview requests etc which honestly kind of makes sense until she gets her own proper staff, now she must be overwhelmed having lots of stuff to deal with and understandably she trusts him to be "her voice". 

The article sounds like team con using a completely normal arrangement to try to imply she's already making bad choices.

I mean...this guy is putting a lot of effort in starting his own acting career and has a fitness business, there's no way I believe he wants to put his career aside to manage her girlfriends whole life.

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On 10/4/2021 at 9:44 AM, DJBringItBack said:

Why would they bother doing that now when they have already lost? They have enough to worry about with the current investigation let alone try to convince fans about her fiancé they could care less 

Because despite what a lot of people believe, some members of team con are still entangled in Britneys life and will be until the cship is completely gone and Britney fires everyone. 

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23 minutes ago, ConceptD said:

Because despite what a lot of people believe, some members of team con are still entangled in Britneys life and will be until the cship is completely gone and Britney fires everyone. 

Yes but Sam isn’t part of that whether he’s fake or not they don’t care for him he adds nothing to their gain or value, it’s past the point of recovery this is the last thing they’re going to do. 

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On 10/3/2021 at 2:24 PM, Pinky98 said:

I’m so happy for Britney, and I am not underestimating her at all, but I feel like she should resettle herself with her life and responsibilities before allowing Sam to handle it all for her.

Or maybe he should? Considering what she’s been through… 

I dunno, I’m torn. It’s not my life but I feel like we’re all a bit protective of her at this point. I just hope she’s happy, healthy and thriving and she doesn’t feel suffocated anymore 

Maybe he’s just doing what she is asking. She doesn't have many people left in her life that she can trust. She is working towards that. Its also a transition. Even before the cship, she’s always had things handled and arranged for her. She probably doesn't know how to do many errands and how to operate her own affairs. After she is free, I feel like she wouldn’t tolerate any man telling her what to do. 

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