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Name your choice for Britneys new manager?

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I’ll be her manager- first we would plan the ultimate comeback that involves a spanking new music video the debuts on in time square, yes in time square on all those screens at 8pm (the music video will be playing on every screen) 

then after that she emerges out of a hole in the ground with a crown and Scepter ! She then breaks into full choreography followed by live vocals and performs her new song live in time square

and then reinacting her 2000 vmas, her top falls very coi like and then….



Let me dream:jamie_lynn_grape:


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I honestly would be a little surprised if she took up her career until now when free. I think maybe she wants to do acting now, produce film, write songs, maybe produce someone else, go to law school, release a new album In a for her new music genre or something. I have a little hard time believing she would want to continue the path where she was dragged crying and being traumatised on stage, in a thong suit Daddy had picked out… I think she might want to produce creative work and really be able to finally be free doing that, but I am not sure she would want to be a pop star with a manager the way she has been before. But we’ll see.

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