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POLL: Which member of Team Con would you be most excited to see in handcuffs?


Which member of Team Con would you be most excited to see in handcuffs?  

206 members have voted

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6 hours ago, Xavierleleon said:

This is soooo hard. I chose Reva because She as a JUDGE should have more integrity than to break and ignore the laws, so horrible that someone like her even has bothered to become a judge, she should have gone straight for fulltime criminal officially. 
She is a representative of the state of California, she should have done her job and stopped an obvious attempt of trafficking. Jamie and Lou are both Satan so I def want to see them first in handcuffs too, maybe even more Jamie because he is BRITNEY’s PARENT. How disgusting can one be than to kidnap, abuse and traffic your own daughter and rob your grandchildren of their mother?! 

Reva should be charged. 

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Lou because, to this damn day, she CONTINUES to state that she had nothing to do with the conservatorship…when we all know she’s lying.  I can’t wait to see her in handcuffs.

Jamie is a close second because he’s a monster…something tells me he’s familiar with handcuffs anyway.

Reva Goetz rounds out the top three…and she’s pretty close to being second.  She abused her power just because she could (and because she probably was one of those prudes who thought Britney was a bad influence for young girls and thought she could teach Britney a lesson or some sick ****).  Reading her quote “and who is she to make demands of anyone?” made me physically ill.  God forbid, a woman the system is supposedly trying to “protect” ask that the man in charge of her life (a so-called “former” raging, abusive, alcoholic) be screened to ensure his sobriety.

On top of being arrested, she should forever be memorialized as a handcuffed statue in front of Stanley Mosk Courthouse with a plaque that reads “Stanley Mosk Courthouse, former workplace of the Dishonorable ‘Judge’ Reva Goetz - a true symbol of irony”

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It’s a tie between Jamie, Lou and Sam Ingham, although judge brenda penny should be a poll option too. Ultimately went with Ingham though since, while Lou and Jamie were clear bad guys to Britney since day 1, he actually tried playing good guy to Britney meanwhile HE NEVER EVEN TOLD HER SHE COULD PETITION TO END THE CONSERVATORSHIP (!!!) and was always secretly setting her back (not that Jamie and Lou weren’t either but they were more upfront about it and Ingham could have actually ended this 10+ years ago) so yeah.


Jail to all though!

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5 hours ago, Arwen said:

I’m not convinced any of them will actually serve jail time. They’ve been getting away with everything so long and it seems like they have had too much sway. I mean I even question the lawyers and the court itself. If everyone is in on together they may get a slap on the wrist.

After Britney is free... the movement needs to become #investigateLuLuFloplor

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Jamie and Edan are going to jail, if Robin is heard in the recordings she may also go to jail, Lou and Larry depend... then it depends if it can be proven that they abused her medically the doctors will also go, if the illegality of the guardianship can be proven, the lawyers will also go to jail. This is corruption and abuse on a grand scale.

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4 hours ago, Forever222 said:

I went with her dad, Britney has always had the same opinion on him, he has abused her since a child. It wasn’t hard for LT to convince him to do this, let’s be honest. 

Yes. This would not have happened without him. Although I am not convinced that Lynne would not have hooked up with Lou Taylor and made this anyway. But as you say, he has physically and emotionally abused Britney all her life 🤬

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