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When Did Jamie Turn Evil?

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He was always a drunk but I just don't know when exactly he turned evil, I can't believe that he had always hated his children (he probably LOVES Bryan because he's a man, and puts up with Jamie Lynn, and doesn't even view Britney as a human being). Did he always plan on holding on to the conship since the very beginning? There was absolutely no justification for it, especially for how LONG it lasted, I would imagine around Femme Fatale a decent, reasonable father would have said, "Okay, time to end this." Instead he held on for as long as possible, in fact, for 13 years. When did he turn evil? Human psychology says that rarely do people actually admit to themselves of the evil nature of their actions. So how did he justify or rationalize all of this to himself??? :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

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1 hour ago, b42ad said:

He abused and cheated on Lynne long before Brit was born, she had a restraining order and had filed for divorce before they got back together. He was a violent drunk around Britney when she was a kid. He’s always been abusive scum. 

God that's awful, a horrible environment to grow up in. And yet Britney came out such a lovely and caring person even to her evil family :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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I should not diagnose from a distance really, but based on his visible actions he seems to portray someone who has narcissistic personality disorder. This tends to develop in childhood. If this is right he will never be sorry and won't believe for a second he has done anything wrong and will have it all justified in his head (just look at that ridiculous statement yesterday, but I bet your bottom dollar he believes every word of it). You can't suddenly develop a conscience as an adult if you never developed one to start with. My guess is that he is bursting with narcissistic rage at the moment, convinced he has been robbed of what is "his" no matter how ridiculous that seems to the rest of us.    

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3 minutes ago, Mar B. said:

God that's awful, a horrible environment to grow up in. And yet Britney came out such a lovely and caring person even to her evil family :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

I know right? How she shares DNA with these people is beyond me, she’s like a flower that grew from a pot of weeds 

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He’s always been scum.  And the sad thing is, early in her career, you could tell, Britney (as any child in her situation would do) really desired his love…I mean she pretty much set him up for the best gig of his life (ethically at least) with the restaurant in NY…and he failed.

As someone else said, I think he’s just a backwoods piece of trash with nothing on his mind other than money and the next time he can get wasted.  He was easy to manipulate by Lou - who, I’m sure, began the conversation with “we can save your daughter’s life…” and then led him further down the path of evil by informing him of how much money he could be making.  Jamie Lynn didn’t fall far from the tree in regards to Jamie.  Bryan either.

Idk about y’all, but I am literally DYING to hear Britney talk about Lou.  I hope she utterly scalps and skull-drags that CVNT.

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I think it's always there. I think I remember reading a snippet about Larry Hagman (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas) and he said he was a happy drunk. It was rare for me to read something like that because I tend to link alcoholic with abusive. Even if apologies come around the next day once you've sobered up. The abusive drunk can apologize all they want but it sorta cheapens it when the same **** just keeps on happening. Idk why Jamie was/is a drunk. I truly can't remember why Larry Hagman was a drunk. Idk if Larry went through **** or if it truly was a case of "I have fun when I'm drunk!" That's not to say he didn't have his questionable moments. I remember reading he used to piss all around the "I Dream of Jeannie" set. Somebody's gotta clean that **** up because I doubt Larry sobered up enough to clean up his own piss.

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