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Britney's Next Move After Her Father Is Out?

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Jamie is out so it means Britney can decide about her life now, right? Finally her decisions? What do you think will happen in Britney's life after yesterday? Baby? Marriage? Break or maybe she will retire, plan a comeback? Maybe she will wait to address everything till cship is over?

The most important thing is that it will be HER decision and I'll respect whatever the hell she decides :groovin_dance_clap_alien_monster_party_costume_Halloween_spooky_scary:

Anyways this thread is about your predictions. Any thoughts?



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I dont know, she has the fragrance line so if she doesn't want to perform maybe she goes the Jessica Simpson route and kind of gets into fashion/merchandise? 

Performing seemed to make her happy before it was forced on her, so maybe one day she does tour again, but just not the insane, "a new country every other day," tours of the past. 

I truly hope that she gets to have another child and get to RAISE that child though since that seems to be what she wants. I hope she finds the family she deserves and does whatever makes her happy. 

Oh and I'd LOVE to see her write a book. 

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I know as fans we will always be curious about her next creative move, but right now, I don’t think we have to focus on that. 

It seems that her career, with reasons, is the last thing on her mind. This industry has probably traumatized her deeply. 

If she ever comes back, this decision must be hers. We must not put any pressure on her. 

Her next move is to get married, have a baby, live a life as normal as possible, find happiness and HEAL.  


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7 minutes ago, BritneyLVR said:

We’re already thinking of her career?:cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:  Let the woman have a moment of freedom and relaxation and when she’s ready she’ll come back! 

I'm not letting her have a moment of freedom because I created a thread about her future decisions in her career she can finally make? I'm just excited Britney finally can make her own decisions about her life! And I'm curious to know what y'all think she'll decide. Is it so shocking?

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1 minute ago, Henry M. Torres said:

I'm not letting her have a moment of freedom because I created a thread about her future decisions in her career she can finally make?

I’m just saying her career is probably the last thing on her mind. Girl wants to get married, have more children and probably live life with Sam before returning to the stage. I say 3-5 years she’ll be back!

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2 minutes ago, Anitta Elusive Chanteuse said:

Yes. Shame on you, you s3xy capitalist overlord :katyfrog_perry_upset_um:

I think it’s just a little insensitive and far too soon. Can you imagine the joy Britney feels right now, the release she’s got after 13 years.  If you were trapped for 13 years the last thing on your mind when you were free of your fathers control is going back to work. Her next goal will be the dissolution of the Cship entirely and then having a life and a family. We all miss her but now is not the time.

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  • Exhale+

She definitely will be doing music and performing again. Would I say in the next six months? No. A year. Yes definitely. She's already had a break since 2018. She's known for taking way too long of a break. 

ITZ to Blackout 2003-2007

Britney Jean to Glory 2013-2016

Get the picture? 

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First, let her enjoy her time out for as long as she wants :drinky_cheers_wine_smoke_bubbles_sunglasses_nod_tea_sip:


Second, I want a great team of lawyers that handle the Britney brand. I believe there's a lot of potential in the brand that can make Britney gain tons of money without having the need to go back into performing anytime soon. This includes her fragrances line and other items. I mean her Funko Pop collection are in the top sellers worldwide (there's even a Circus funko on the way):liberatedaf_beyonce_yellow_lemonade_happy_free_carefree_smile_wind_hold_up:


Anyway, time will tell I guess :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:




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2 minutes ago, Henry M. Torres said:

She has to make some decisions because of her contracts etc I feel

Wrong. She didn’t sign them, any decent lawyer will get her out of all her contractual obligations which were made illegally by her dad. Britney had no rights and therefore couldn’t sign a contract. She can sail away obligation free, they can’t say for 13 years she had no capacity and then say while she was in a Cship she signed a record deal. 

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4 minutes ago, Henry M. Torres said:

Sorry, I'm the worst, I have no feelings because I created a thread about her future decisions. Thank you

You're not the worst they are for being delusional that Britney wants to quit her passion. She only considered quitting because of her father's control. She's said this time and time again and yet people catch The Mandela Effect and forgot 

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