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Dear Britney...; Post your Messages of Support from the Members of Exhale to Britney.

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Dear Britney, 

I hope you know how loved you truly are. You have helped me in my life in so many ways, being bullied for being gay in a small town I never thought I’d be able to make it out of the dark days. I always looked to you and thought about how strong you were. You gave me the strength I needed and now I’m happy! I hope you find your happiness and freedom. You deserve it and so much more! ❤️

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Dear Britney,


I know you're a country girl, like me. Growing up, I learned that God don't make ugly and God don't like ugly. Those people around you talk real big about being Christian, but there ain't no God there. God cannot exist without love. 


We can't wait to see you bloom and shine again, and we can't wait to see you reunite with everyone! They've been waiting so long to hug you again, and this time, yall won't ever be torn apart. I hope from now on, you'll never go a minute without knowing how loved you are. 


I hope you'll have lazy days and fun days and quiet days. Days where you can be alone, and days where you're surrounded by your children. I hope you have your baby girl, and I hope that she has your smile. 


There was an interview where you mentioned wanting an island with a place where you can have a husband and raise a big family. We want you to be able to stand in that sand and look out to the horizon and hear the gulls and smell the surf. We want you to feel that sunshine on your skin and feel that warmth.


And we don't ever want anyone to take that warmth away ever again. 

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Dear Britney: Your drive and ambition, use to motivate me so much when I was a teenager! If Britney can do so can I! If Britney could survive 07 I could survive anything! If Britney could give it her all on stage, then I could give it my all at work! When my abusive father use to punish me, I would blast your song overprotected and rock out to the Britney album 10 years after it’s release! 

Britney you showed me I could do anything, you literally did it all by the time you were 17!!!

you don’t need to work another day in your life to make me happy! 

i want you to just enjoy life and hopefully you get a second chance at having a family 

be strong you got this tomorrow! The entire world is rooting for THE LEGENDARY BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!




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Dear Britney Jean, 

It still baffles me how someone I've never met or spoken to has inspired me so much. You have been a beacon of light for me in the darkest of times. Your charisma and music has taught me to not always be so serious in life, and to replace the bull**** with some fun and a dash of goofiness. You were my wonderful escape growing up through many traumatic experiences. So it pains me that you are going through all this craziness, I pray that you yourself have a type of escape right now, as well as for your ultimate freedom. I know you have mentioned previously that you felt alone, and that's really sad, but don't ever doubt the fact that you are not loved, because you are, by millions of people. 

Keep your bright light shining. Good luck and God bless queen. 

Sending you love from Africa (yes I speak for the entire continent). 

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Dear Britney.

I just want to say u r the strongest, pure, funny, living legend. U enlighten every1 around u. And i know some ppl trying to take that light away from u. But they really can't. Bc it is smth god given. So i wish u the biggest happyness and freedom. U deserve it. Keep fighting and never give up. I  will  support u the way i can.  God bless. #FREEBRITNEY

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I hope justice is finally served.

You deserve your freedom, you deserve love, happiness and all the good things in the world. You'll gain your confidence back as well as your peace, and you'll be able to regain custody time with your children, and will be able to form a family with Sam or whoever you choose.

We can't give you back the time they stole from you, but I hope the system at least will recognize the conservatorship shouldn't have been put in place at all, that it apologizes and that it can compensate at least a little bit of what they've stolen and that justice comes for those that abused you all these years, from the people that planned all of this, to those that consciously helped to keep it in place despite knowing it wasn't right, or that somehow benefited from you while you suffered.

You were already the brightest light in our lives, with your pure heart and huge talent, but in these years you've proved it even more, with your bravery, resilience, your strength to keep fighting and continuing to thrive in your career even though behind the scenes you were living a hell.

I'm really sorry that you had to endure all of this for so long, but I trust the universe will compensate it to you in an exponential way. The time has finally come and the best years of your life are only ahead of you, where you'll be able to spend your days only with the people that loves you the most, away from all the monsters that tried to shut your light for so long.

We love you Britney, you've always had the love and support of your millions of fans around the world, and always will. :bigkiss_britney_kissing:

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Dear Britney,

I'll never be able to fully put into words how much you mean to me. You have been my favorite singer since I was a little kid in 1998 and you still are to this day. I hope you know how loved you are and how much you mean to so many millions of people around the world. We love you, and will never leave you. You deserve happiness, freedom and so much love. You are so strong and inspiring and brave. I hope you remember how funny, sweet, STRONG, talented and beautiful you are. We love you, Brit! I can't wait for you to get your justice and freedom because it's coming. You deserve it.

Love you! 

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Dear Britney

You're one of the strongest human beings I have ever seen. 

The way you keep fighting every single day for something we take for granted shows how much of a fighter and believer you are.

I just want you to know, you deserve nothing but ALL you desire.

I give you all my blessings all the way from Belgium.

Just know you are loved by so many people.

We are rooting for you!!! We always will support you.

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