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Jason Trawick: New perspective after the Netflix doc?

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One of the new revelations from the Netflix doc is how Jason was on Britney’s side most of the time. Many of us suspected him because he was co-conservator for a bit and we thought he was in on it and was helping team con, but now we know Britney wanted him to be her conservator to at least rid of her of Jamie. We also learned that Britney presumably demanded he always be with her if she were to do X Factor, a sign that she felt most comfortable with him around.

It seems like Jason was one of good ones who wanted to help Britney, but like most people who genuinely start caring for her, he was removed by team con eventually.

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I have to admit I was a bit surprised to hear that he was originally very against the conservatorship and that he only joined in the hope to replace Jamie.

The same with David Lucado although we never thought it at the time. I always painted Charlie Ebersol as good for Britney but he was controlling. Just goes to show we know absolutely zero about any of her boyfriends intentions - good or bad. 

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15 minutes ago, dora pora said:

The whole story with him is weird. Why would team con agree to make him co conservator in the first place? 

My guess is they were trying to push her to do more with X Factor and she asked for her dad to be replaced by him, only for them to make him co-conservator as a compromise.

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Maybe I misinterpreted, but I thought it was the medical team that said Jason had to be around 24/7 for Britney to do XFactor. I think the only thing that changed in my opinion about him was that he wasn't just creeping around XFactor like a possessive BF or member of Team Con, he was told in court docs that he had to be there in order for her to follow through with the XFactor deal.

I'm still suspicious of Jason. He knew what was going on in the cship and and during FF/XFactor era with pretty much bribing Britney with stimulants to get her to work. And Britney just did not look happy during that whole era. Maybe it was because of work or maybe because of Jason or maybe both. Let's not forget the Disney vacation incident where Britney chopped off her hair and didn't want to be near Jason. 

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