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Britney warned us.. THIS WAS A SECRET CODE

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4 minutes ago, darkchildremix said:

Don't come at me you guys, but why did it seem that Britney enjoyed her company? 


As the other member said, she would have to in order to have some sort of human interaction.    In the video of Britney watching Rihanna at the VMA’s she’s sitting next to Goblin and also appears to be enjoying her company.

I’m sure Robin is the kind of woman who is fake-nice to people she’s using.  She also probably knew she HAD to try and be friends with Britney because she was Lou’s eyes and ears (Britney hates Lou, which is why we have rarely seen them together - I don’t recall ever seeing them actually interacting).

If Britney outright hated Robin the way she does Lou, Robin would be removed and someone else from Tri Star put in her position…meaning Goblin could kiss her paycheck goodbye.  I’m sure she made Britney feel like she was truly her friend. 

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This was after her and David broke up because he "cheated", TMZ got a video and daddy saved the day by buying it and telling Britney to '"protect" her....yknow, the narrative that has absolutely nothing to do with Britney wanting her father tested, wanting to retire or David supporting her and her legal autonomy. 

So for all we know, Britney believed it, and she was genuinely happy because it was a ****ty situation, being with people who knew better and had ulterior motives.

Is this video a code? No. Should we assume Robin is being genuine....

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14 minutes ago, rennen said:

She had no choice but to.

If you're being isolated for 13 years you have no choice but to communicate with your abusers otherwise it's even lonelier. 

I doubt it was sweetness and roses all the time but for her own sanity it seems like Britney played along when needed. 

Which is why I think there are pictures of her smiling with everybody in that filthy team. She is a survivor and had no choice. It is a smart survival technique as well, if you can’t beat them and escape, it is better to act friendly when it is possible. You are outnumbered anyway. Plus we NEED to laugh and connect if we are not psychopaths and we will do it with the ones present if they are the only ones available for 13 years.

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15 minutes ago, Prachi said:

I don't blame the fans, I really don't but I feel Britney's situation has taken a toll on some fans here I want our girl to be free ASAP because some threads are really getting ridiculous and we are over analysing every single thing. 

That is how you get somewhere though. When analysing. You do a hell of a lot of research and try different things to reach new discoveries. 

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Just now, Xavierleleon said:

That is how you get somewhere though. When analysing. You do a hell of a lot of research and try different things to reach new discoveries. 

I agree, but now sometimes I feel we reach a lot and I don't blame you we've been reading her court papers from years and we don't even know if she fully has control over her IG we have a right to analyse but we as fans sometimes overthink and I don't blame anyone we have become like that. 

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