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Do you think Netflix are last minute editing their documentary following Controlling Britney Spears?


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What do you guys think? I'm only thinking they may be editing as Controlling Britney Spears may have covered a lot they were going to cover already.

It'd be hard to imagine the Netflix doc will be as good as The New York Times sequel to Framing Britney Spears, i'd love to be proved wrong though.

Looking forward to it nonetheless! Hoping some big stuff drops like it did in Controlling Britney Spears.

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Doubt it, sounds like they’ve already spent a ton of money re-editing after Britney spoke.

I just hope this one is more in depth regarding Lou and the rest of the Spears family.  It was great having CBS mostly focusing on Edan/security and Robin.

I’d love it if the Netflix one focused on Lou and the financials…because that’s the biggest piece of this.  CBS touched on it, hopefully Netflix hammers the final nail into the coffin.

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I think the netflix would be more thrilling and engaging production/editing wise but i doubt for any new bombshell data. And no, i highly doubt a last minte edit too. Last minute edits usally needs everyone whos been involved's approval im a project and due to close timing it could become a mess. Maybe a line or two max. But this is just an assumption obvi :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:.

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It's impossible to edit a 2.5 years doc in 3 days. The Netflix one will be more about the origins of the c-ship and the corruption $$$.

At the end they'll all fighting for the same thing : the Truth about Britney.

Erin Lee deleted her tweet "we'll see" she posted after the announcement of Controlling Britney Spears.


It's dangerous because it feels like 2007 : who's gonna have the biggest scoop about Britney!?

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I'm only a couple of minutes into "Part II" of the NY Times doc...But...

Judging from ELC's past work, as well as Liz Garbus' past work, the Netflix doc is likely being edited in a "true crime" style.

True crime is a really hard genre to edit...The storytelling style is completely different...You've got to leave "clues" at the beginning in a subtle way so that there is a "twist" or revelation at the end.

So no, I doubt there's re-editing going on right now...The Netflix doc has very likely moved into picture lock and is in post-production right now (audio mix, colour grading, F/X, etc.)

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12 minutes ago, Slayer said:

This one better focus on Lou a lot, that was my only downside with the New York Times one, Lou wasn't mentioned enough for my liking!

I think it’s because Lou tasked Robin with going in and doing her dirty work on her behalf (so Robin looked more like the bad guy to people working with Britney, since they probably rarely saw Lou)…and I am willing to bet my life on it that it’s because Britney absolutely HATES Lou Taylor (she clearly hated her prior to the conservatorship as evidenced in the email exchanges they sent back and forth).

I wish that was brought up…Robin being placed into Britney’s life as Lou’s little minion to do her devils work…since Tish said, nobody knew what Robin’s job was.  I appreciated them mentioning Lou, finally, but yeah, it wasn’t enough.  She is just as big a player as Jamie in this, probably bigger.

Loucifer and her little Goblin. 

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I doubt it. Remember when Netflix and Hulu released basically identical Fyre Fest docs on the same weekend, and everyone just watched both? I think competition for these things only really mattered when time slots mattered and everything wasn’t available for consumption by convenience. 

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I don’t think they’ll edit it; they have different insiders, it seems, working on the Netflix docu vs the FBS docu... I’d assume they’d have a contract with their bombshell sources saying about working with other filmmakers and they might have restrictions as to what they can share with outside sources and when. 
I believe Netflix has more sources who will come to the surface and share their stories. 

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33 minutes ago, Slayer said:

This one better focus on Lou a lot, that was my only downside with the New York Times one, Lou wasn't mentioned enough for my liking!

I believe LT will be brought up in the Netflix documentary. If NYT is aware of LT, I can only imagine they know about her also. Celebrities have also spoken out against her publicly already. They could have someone speaking against her as a character witness or something.

I have faith they won’t let us or Britney down! 

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