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“My Family Did Nothing”

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The people that seen all this go down why didn't any of them gang up go to the police the courts anything other than keep quiet keep a job I get signing nondisclosure but this is abuse breaking the law and for 13yrs britney is one of the strongest to endure this for so long


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1 hour ago, imadrinkyuradrunk said:

I think Britney was totally silenced.... if lynne did know, I’d assume she was afraid too. But the fact Britney said “my family did nothing”.... I think people knew something, but maybe not everything. And I think lynne is a gullible person and maybe Jamie/JL/Brian told her Britney was too volatile to not have the conservatorship.


I do believe that people close to Britney genuinely didn’t know the ins and outs of what her conservatorship entailed and the abuse she was experiencing. 

Which is crazy because it’s not like this is a CIA Area 51 type situation. However, it was treated as such. It truly points to how evil and calculated Lou Taylor, Robin and Jamie are.

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1 hour ago, Antidote said:

Her kids too. I mean they're 16 years old they're not kids anymore.

Britney was doing BOMT at their age and Jayden is busy smoking weeed with his girlfriend on tiktok?

Yeah, I understand they are kids but my cousin is 16 and she’s getting her Associate degree right now in high school. They are aware of lots of things. 

I was sad to see Jayden downplaying her situation (or what he knew of it). They don’t understand the depths to what Britney did for them (understandably).

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1 hour ago, Easy There said:

Ohhhh Lynn knew.

Havent y'all read Ronan Farrows investigation ?


The sad part is,Lynn aside. They still arent doing anything. And Jamie Lynn is still besties with everyone from that hell circlw

I hold Lynn 100% accountable regardless of what anyone says. Her timid behavior or being afraid is a cop-out. 

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1 minute ago, Seanril said:

I hold Lynn 100% accountable regardless of what anyone says. Her timid behavior or being afraid is a cop-out. 

Obey to daddy comments made my skin crawl.

Like the **** *****. You are letting this psycho control you and your daughter despite dumping his drunk *** 10 years prior.

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1 hour ago, Don't Trust Sam said:

Please do not drag them or talk about them here. How could they know ? They are spying her conversation with them, the are victims too. They are innocent and are still children! We must not cross that line.

Drag Sam instead, it's easier and there's proof anywhere about his involving.

I disagree. I went through the trenches to fight for my mother during her divorce when I was 14+ as my father ran her through the mud and tried taking her for everything she had. This new generation is not stupid or unknowing. 

They were exposed and know a lot and not that I’m expecting them to speak out (yet I am) but defend her when they clearly have made public comments various times. 

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1 hour ago, dfffff said:

I can't comprehend the people who argue that Lynne didn't know anything because she wasn't part of a conservatorship. Do you really think Britney hasn't been asking her mother for help for these 13 ******* years? Really? Lynne's home was paid for from the Britney estate for 13 years. She knew everything, it was for her hand. Did you forget that Lynne was putting drugs in Britney's drink to get her locked up in rehab?


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1 hour ago, div said:

It's beyond my comprehension at this point.

Because I don't see Lynn or JL as evil, just ignorant but still. Lou got to Jamie Lynn head whe she was I child, she had no chance and she's not that Bright so I guess she is also manipulated but Lynn? I just don't get it

What if that was your daughter or sister? You would sit back and do absolutely nothing and even profit off of what she would be going through? That’s evil in all forms. 

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51 minutes ago, oscar0 said:

Some forget that during 2007-2008 everyone was worried that Brit would die. Felicia, who is now being put on a pedestal, at the beginning of 2007, pre-shaven, published a letter in which she basically said that no one could help Britney from her addiction, that she had hit rock bottom and that she needed rehabilitation. At the beginning of 2008 she was basically in danger every day.

I hold Felicia accountable as well. She knew a LOT was going on and also did nothing. 

I am holding EVERYONE’s feet to the fire! 

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1 hour ago, Bro96 said:

Are you telling me that britney herself would not inform/discuss with her mother about all the paranoia, the abuse and the craziness of the situation she was living by ? Its not that we Wouldnt seen her with her mom; there are several of outs and abouts of both through the years. There  is no way she wouldnt know. I agree with the timid part. She doesnt seem a boss *** ***** or that of a strong woman but thats still not an excuse. Britney just was so unlucky to have one of the worst families ever. 

I guess what I’m saying is that I believe in my heart Lynne was manipulated by team con that Britney NEEDED the conservatorship and that she had limited contact with Britney... I do think lynne should’ve done something waaaaay sooner, but I don’t know if she realized the corruption within conservatorships (specifically Britney’s) 

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