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I don't trust Sam after the documentary

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6 minutes ago, HisNameisChase said:

We all had our suspicions of the 2019 mental health pictures being staged and it was confirmed in tonight's documentary.

Sam picked Britney up and it was all for show. How did Sam pick her up? How did they allow it? Did they just tell him to pick her up? What was in it for him?

I don't care about the NDA. I don't care what he was told. I don't understand how someone can love someone and see them go through everything, especially being held against their own will, and be OK with it.

The videos thet record together of him telling her to smile, even on the red carpet and whatnot, I can't help but feel he is untrustworthy. I'm sorry. I really don't trust him and how he was a participant in the staged facility pickup.



You don’t have to apologise because you are on Britney’s side. His enablers are aggressive af but that does not make them look good or reliable.

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He was in a difficult position.  Fe didn't speak up either. Stayed silent. Anyone who threatened them would be removed. Better to be there for her than make noise and leave her alone. Remember the first lawyer who fought for her, Jon Eardley (and others) got disbarred removed threatened.

To help her he had to work within the system to be of actual help. 

Can't judge him or people we have no firsthand knowledge about and who have been in her corner (precious few).

Enough to do focusing on the proven culprits. Time will tell.

Would you have him leave her alone at that mental facility? With Edam waving guns etc, one does what one can

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19 minutes ago, FreeBritBrit said:

21 posts on a 11 year old account and most of them are like- oh she looked drugged, she aged badly, sam this-sam that


Interesting isnt it? :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

I am anti con and want Lou, Robin, and everyone involved to be put in prison. Point blank.

Also I don't post here much because the ADs on here are terrible (I realize Jordan needs money but the ADs are very non-user friendly).


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10 minutes ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

Not only that but the OP is currently viewing an old thread about how Robin is worse than Lou. Very sus if you ask me.

Funny how they think by diverting the attention towards Sam that the pressure may slightly get lifted. They aren’t fooling any of us anymore. 

They are all terrible. I don't come here much because too many Ads


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1 minute ago, aspireone said:

We know that at least black box is willing to use gun as a threat. Who knows what threats were given to Sam for non-compliance.

Either way, the key takeaway from the Doc should be on Black Box + Robin + Lou + State of California + Jamie.

I don't understand why Lou wasn't more involved in the documentary. Is Lou really that powerful that people are afraid to mention her?

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He hung in there and was there for her. Space and respect unless there is clear cause for suspicion.

Focus on the actual bad guys: Jamie and the puppeteers behind him... Jeryll etc

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12 minutes ago, Pawnshop_ said:

Oof. Prepare to be attacked. No one is allowed to question Sam on BH anymore. 🙏

Not one single soul is saying you’re not allowed to question Sam but if your opinion is invalid, spews hate, makes an attack or if you simply don’t have a leg to stand on, then prepare to hear a rebuttal. Questioning Sam because it’s the trend amongst the conspiracy theorists of the Britney c0cky army is not a valid reason hence why these repetitive and cyclical threads usually get locked because they offer nothing new or of substance. And whenever someone comes in with a valid opinion or receipts — the naysayers usually stay quiet or don’t respond. Hope that wasn’t difficult for you to comprehend but let me if you need me to clarify. 

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