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Sam Asghari: the past documentaries left a bad aftertaste, any credit for light being shed should go to the #freebritney movement & hopes the new documentary will be respectful

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These documentaries can be a double edged sword, I guess. I mean, yeah it sucks that she’s spotlighted in them. She probably does hate that. But this not only helps “shed light” on her case, but also opens up a lot of doors to help fix the entire corrupt situation of conservatorships for everyone who is having to endure them. Before the #FreeBritney movement, no one I talked to about Britney even knew what a conservatorship was.

No disrespect to Sam, Britney, and their relationship…I really do hope that it is genuine. But it’s kind of hard to forget that pretty much everyone that Britney can be close to has been vetted by team con at some point or another.

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What bad after taste is he talking about ?:ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare: I do get his point, it's almost like a trend. But apart from the BBC documentary that didn't bring anything new to the table (sorry Jordan, u were in it), :orangu_orangutan_ape: each documentary helped the #FreeBritney movement and helped put the pieces back together.

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My opinion.... (not that it holds weight)

Sam is showing appreciation and respect to the fans, as he's always done (and also doesn't try to claim us as his own) but is probably partly speaking on behalf of Britney (the bad taste)

I think he can appreciate how much we all want to see these docs, but he's also getting the truth in how Britney feels. 100% he knew these docs were being made. I think he also probably sees the value in them but being with Britney I'm sure has taught him that the media can not be trusted and maybe questions the true intentions behind them being made. I think he's currently keeping an open mind before outright bashing them, but likely doesn't have high expectations and is probably dealing with a lot of anxiety from Britney.

They just got engaged, this should be a happy time for both of them and I bet she's freaking out a bit over it all.

I can only imagine how Britney herself is feeling, but since this is about Sam, it is tough when your partner is going through such an emotionally turbulent time. I believe he has the best intentions for Britney, and it must hurt him to see her dealing with so much extra spotlight on top of the already stressful lead up to likely her most important court date. I believe he is trying his best to be supportive in the way that is best to Britney (and that may not be to support these potentially exploitative docs)

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Just now, Louis-j said:

What bad after taste is he talking about ? The docs only did good as I know. :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

all the 2007 footage? You think Britney wants to sit here and watch that? If these documentaries are made with love for britney then they should at least think of her trauma. She doesn't want to see that and doesn't want her kids seeing that so yes that's "bad after taste". 

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5 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Ask Britney she clearly hated the Framing Britney doc.

I think she hated that they spend a good amount of time talking about some of her dark times like the head shaving thing.

But I'm part of the people that don't trust her Insta posts so I don't know... I don't think she watched the doc entirely.  :juggingu_britney_hat_meme_neyde:

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5 minutes ago, Villanelle said:

all the 2007 footage? You think Britney wants to sit here and watch that? If these documentaries are made with love for britney then they should at least think of her trauma. She doesn't want to see that and doesn't want her kids seeing that so yes that's "bad after taste". 

I agree but it was kinda necessary to tell the whole story even tough they spend a good amount of time on it...

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  • Exhale+

I mean he has a point tbh. These  networks should be donating proceeds to the cause and victims of guardianship abuse. 

Whilst I do think FBS actually did a lot of good, I think all of these new docs are getting out hand and it’s too much.

And  now that Brit is on the path to freedom, I feel like these docs could if also  waited till she was officially free to see if they could work with her or atleast get her input.

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Guys might be very stupid question - but doesnt her team (dad or whoever) have full control over "Britney" the brand?  - They dont get to have a say and be like no we dont want this or that? How come they let these docs be out like this? - good OR bad for team or Brit. :wyd_wtf_meme_hand_umm_wth_what_the_hell:  Especially in such sensetive topic and time!! 

Like im assuming beyonce for example (her or team) wouldnt let netflix dig up whatever they want from her and just present it how they want? :mhmsureny_hmm_thinking_ponder_unsure_what_Tiffany_pollard_ny_New_York_miss_ms_sure:  like Britney is still there, its just other spoks persons...

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