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The New York Times: Controlling Britney Spears (Framing Britney Spears Part 2) - DISCUSSION THREAD


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I was watching it again last night with a couple friends.  The best part was them showing the court video regarding conservatorships and showing the example of the woman feeding the older woman.  My friend said “THIS is what they claim she is like!?” And then made a comment about the judge being as incapacitated as the old lady being fed if she believes Britney is like that :weusay_tiffany_cackle_cackling_chuckle_giggle_lol_haha_hehe_laugh:
now my friends are listening too thank God, and they don’t even like her music.

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Just watched it.. i have to say it was done very very tastefully and respectful. That stylist lady, security guy and Fe are angels sent from god. I am beyond happy that both Robin and Lou were mentioned. Now more focus is needed on these too and the rest of the team. Larry and Odan(?) They all deserved to be absolutely destroyed for what they have put this woman through. DESTROYED! 

If Madam Penny doesn't end it at this hearing there will be absolute chaos. There is not one single reason why she needs to be in this a day longer. END IT.

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1 hour ago, nwonder said:

I’m curious to know what Team Con’s long term plan had Free Brinny not taken off. 

We’re they just gonna continue to control her for the rest of her life and drug her into submission? It’s actually a really scary thought 


Yep, Britney herself said she thinks they were trying to kill her with all the drugs :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

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Even though we knew how ****ed up and abusive this conservatorship was, it was still so shocking to hear first hand accounts of the stuff these insiders witnessed. The iPad/iPhone situation was beyond infuriating. The fact they also bugged her room to hear her conversations is so DISGUSTING! I can’t imagine what Britney felt learning about this. I wonder if she even know about this before the doc…

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1 hour ago, Rik said:

They likely were trying to kill her to ensure she became a true legacy. They think she’s worth more dead than alive. As she approached 40s they saw her as less marketable I bet to bring in the cash flow.

It’s a dark thought but why wouldn’t they not want to? They knew they could bank on this princess of pop title, totally ignoring the normalcy she had as a person separate from the machine. They didn’t realize that her spirit would always outweigh all of the abuse, drugging, and sedation. 

Drugging her until they could attribute her death to some sort of addiction makes a good story, and Lou Taylor has a way of silencing people. The courts also would regulate this and get away with surveilling this kind of abuse, as they do all the time with seniors.

the people involved in this situation……. The submission fills their pockets, but they want more. They don’t want Britney to “get better” (even though she was never incapable of making decisions and was a normal 25/26 year old reacting to everything and unfortunately being taken advantage of by Lutfi in the process) 

Jamie, Robin, Lou, and more involved…. they’re likely psychopathic or sociopathic to even want that kind of control over someone to begin with. 


1 hour ago, danielhaus29 said:

Yep, Britney herself said she thinks they were trying to kill her with all the drugs :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

(All things aside) The fact that we’re talking about a father doing this to his own daughter here 


I will never understand 

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22 hours ago, M13 said:

Did anyone else catch all the Roses used throughout the Documentary? 🧐#ProjectRose 🌹

Yeah, the filmmwakers did the same in Framing Britney Spears. The point in part was to give a nod to what Britney was posting on Instagram. The theory has already been debunked.

 I’ll tell you what happened. We filmed this entire thing during COVID; in order to be COVID safe, we had to film outside. If these interviews are going to be outside, I wanted that to be a motivated, stylistic decision. I didn’t want people randomly outside. I had been looking at Britney’s Instagram a lot, and I noticed Britney loves roses. There are so many posts with pictures of roses and also so many posts of her holding flowers. There’s also this greenery, backyard feel to a lot of her posts. I really wanted the documentary to live in the world of that. I had this rose wall built for the fans, because I was trying to make the amount of roses reflect their relationship to Britney. We did some interviews, and then Britney posted about Project Rose. That is the order of events. That’s what happened.


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9 hours ago, dfffff said:

I'm sure they planned to kill her. They would earn even more after death than in life. I know it's sad but you have to look at it rationally. They're psychopaths and they're capable of anything.

They also were priming the public to accept it by posting articles saying she could die if conservatorship is lifted within weeks to tmz. I hope they all go to jail. 

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