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The New York Times: Controlling Britney Spears (Framing Britney Spears Part 2) - DISCUSSION THREAD

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About Sam Asgardi,

Where I come from we have a saying:

'People shouldn't make marriages or try to end them' bc when something goes wrong they will come after you and say you responsible.

Britney loves Sam. Sam seems good to her, he keeps her motivated in sport and living healthy. Offcourse sometimes he comes out and talks **** but that does not make him team con. I think he is great to her.

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The fact is she wanted to retire young, that tells me she didn't want a four decade career. Just to make enough money to live off comfortable forever. 

She didn't want to do the meet and greets but the hotel and her team forced her, she agreed to 20 per night, but then it went to everybody who bought the package so it could be 40 to 60 people..


My  friend posted the pic saying first anniversary trip with the guy meeting my idol and Now knowing this pic we are both happy, but she is not. 


I can't celebrate this moment with the love of my life now knowing the truth behind this pic was forced because money was more important than her happiness. 


Guess it goes into the garbage can now..


He's broken hearted but most of the fans are now. Saying if she retires she's earned it. She was literally a slave at her own job, and had no choice but to work or be punished to extreme un fair treatments like isolation..

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This was a tough watch. I’m so glad they mentioned Lou Taylor by name. They by no means went in hard and are likely being threatened left, right and centre - but even naming her is good exposure. Let the people dig further.

So much to process still but overall none of it surprising just extremely uncomfortable to hear.

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3 minutes ago, umr3000 said:

Can anybody please point me in the right direction for a link to watch the entire “Controlling Britney Spears” documentary film?

I live in the UK so have not been able to watch it. 

Thanks in advance! 

Seconding this request, currently housebound with Covid and slept through the entire announcement of the doc and the doc itself :(


If anyone can point in the right direction that would be freaking awesome.


Thanks all!

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3 hours ago, FreeBritBrit said:

Im going to sell all my post blackout stuff- cds, perfumes etc

I dont need that **** made in ******* misery


I hope Britney as a brand fully falls apart so team con can go **** themselves a 1000 times

So you're going to make money on that? How does that make sense to you? It also doesn't make sense to hate on her creative work unless she personally disowns it.

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23 minutes ago, umr3000 said:

Can anybody please point me in the right direction for a link to watch the entire “Controlling Britney Spears” documentary film?

I live in the UK so have not been able to watch it. 

Thanks in advance! 

There is a link on my page 69 or 70 just scroll back a few pages x

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54 minutes ago, WithoutAMap said:

I think britney should disappear (if she chooses to) after she's free from the conservatorship. After watching this doc I'm deeply disturbed. Going through more than a decade of abuse like this warrants a long healing process. 

I don't need anything from her as a fan. I just hope she can find peace. This was truly heart breaking. She doesn't owe the world anything anymore. 

Same! I want her money recovered and for her to move but it's hard because of the boys. I don't think Kfed will allow her to get more custody.

Also, it makes me sad how much time she has lost with her boys, especially the bonding and all her fertile years... it's so sad. 

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She wanted to retire early, reportedly MJ also has said the same to her she didn't wanted to have a four decade career my goodness why? I am really not shocked at the details, I am sad on how this all has incurred in the first place a lot of people including me who've been a fan of her since day one never ever would've thought this would happen to her and the worst part about all of this is this is just about the money they were already making a lot of money from perfume deals and her music royalties why the greed? 

I am blank, and I am living for the day when Britney is free and ready to speak her truth whenever she wants to. 

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Im in shock, teary and angry after this doc. Wasnt expecting that. I really dont have words, just free this amazing woman who has a gold heart and brought so much joy to the world and make these rats pay. I really dont expect much from the netflix one after this

( and i was telling the exact opposite yesterday lol).

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