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Why in the World Was Jamie Allowed to Stay as Conservator After a Restraining Order was Placed On Him For the Conservatee's Children???


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People would put the blame to Ingham as if Pennywise don’t have a brain to function. She’s a judge, she studied law, she should know when a conservatorship become a problem instead of helping the person. People here act like Penny had a lobotomy or something. Pennywise and Goetz should be investigated. As much as I hate how the documentary keep profiting off Britney, but these 2 clowns need to have what’s coming from them, including public resentment. Good luck for them and their family. This could hit harder than prison tbh. 

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He didn’t fight for Britney and tell the court to immediately suspend Jamie. Instead he agreed to let Jodie take over and that “solved” the problem for the person conservatorship. Even worse Ingham agreed to temporarily relinquish conservatorship powers and Jodi just be a care taker. There is no such thing. Brit’s case bends the laws until it’s backwards.


Judge Penny is gutless and lacks common sense. She lets these lawyers make a fool of her. 

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Rosengart has argued at least once that Jamie has no background or experience with handling finances to the extent of Britney’s worth  i.e 100’s of millions of dollars, and yet why is he in charge?

The conservatorship has been corrupt from the very beginning. The unofficial “decapitated” declaration and dementia diagnosis, and the inclusion of Blair Berk, a high profile defence attorney who likely broke client-attorney privilege when she provided “historical evidence” in camera to “secure” the conservatorship at its initial conception.

It appears whatever “historical information” they hold over Britney, the court or should I say Judge Reva Goetz, had no problem saying yes to everything and appointing Jamie, an alcoholic, twice divorced and twice bankrupted cook with a history of abusive and violent behaviour to oversee Britney’s finances, affairs and legacy.

We’re either missing something here or the LA court system is without doubt unlawful, one sided, misogynist and rotten to the core.

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9 hours ago, Louis-j said:

And also his multiple fails at entrepreneurship, his alcoholism...


He was never remotely qualified..

Financially,  personally,  morally

And yet he asks for a percentage of all femme fatale grossing and pom ..I can see why britney refused to work with him..he's truly a disgusting man and unfortunately it's made him alot of money, if he had a shred of dignity he wouldn't ask for pay rises.. he used his daughter like a work horse to get money then slanders her calling her a 'racehorse' ..he should voluntarily hand over back a percentage of the money,  do the deposition and go to jail..i dont care about his age.. the man is evil..his actions are despicable and I understand if britney never talks to him again..

The restraining order is barely talked about but it should.. its literally the only red flag needed to kick him out... hes an alcoholic (pill popper I think aswell) ,failed businessman, hardly a celebrated father/grandfather and is known for being corrupt and greedy..at this point britney should be sueing him or the state of california for actually allowing this...

I hope the Netflix documentary is truthful and accurate 

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10 hours ago, 601Bird said:

Because their was no signs of abuse


He just yelled at them and busted the door down.

Girl this is abuse:britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black: 

in no world is busting a door down because of an argument with a 12 year old a normal response from anyone, especially a grandparent and especially from someone who is deemed capable of taking complete control over a multimillion dollar estate 

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It's insane how unqualified he is for the job. Not only because of the restraining order, but also because:

  1. He has no experience in financial management and has actually GONE BANKRUPT, proving he's not just inexperienced, but actually BAD at managing money. 
  2. He's an alcoholic who went to rehab in 2004, but was filmed drinking and driving in 2014. Now, I understand addiction is a disease, and I would never speak disparagingly about someone struggling with addiction. I will say, however, that it's probably not good for Britney, who has said she's now sober, to be under the control of an alcoholic. 

I'll also leave you with a few quotes from a reporter who spoke with Jamie back in 2001 (source):



"In a terrifying encounter that lasted four hours, Britney’s father subjected me to a hostile drunken monologue while refusing to let me leave. Every time I got up to go, he picked up a large carving knife and theatrically stabbed it into the wooden table at which we were sitting."

"He admitted: ‘I squandered my money on wild women and beer.'"

"Spears then attempted to give me a drunken hug. He confided that he was all but broke, but added that Britney had bought him the smart white pick-up truck parked outside and had bought his wife Lynne, from whom he was then estranged, a Mercedes."



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When he received a restraining order to leave Brit's kids alone, and yet the court didn't remove him as her conservator, was the day I realized that our judicial system is really a complete joke.  This sounds dramatic, but my eyes were opened and I realized that nothing is really as it seems.  

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