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Nick Lachey talks about Britney

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He was hot. Still is. Shame his solo career didn't take off, he had the nicest voice out of them all. What is he promoting exactly? It's probably tiresome for all these celebs to be continually compared and asked about Britney because they started at the same time, and she's the most successful, so I think he handled the questions like a pro, because I'm sure that's not what the interview was meant to focus on, lol 

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18 minutes ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

They were honestly so hot. I used to find Nick really attractive. :yesokay_britney_blush_blink:

I remember on Newly Weds, Successica said he cant grow hair anywhere except his butt hole. She seemed annoyed when she said that. I guess Jess and I are the same. We like a smooth hole when were eating out a ss.

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