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Britney reportedly does not support the new Netflix documentary 'Britney vs Spears'

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2 hours ago, Like A Slumber Party said:

Is there a clip of her saying this? I keep seeing people mention things like this – wondering if there is a video clip somewhere.

good question, the only times i've seen "her" mentioning it was through instagram captions. not sure if we should take that into consideration or not but i remember some days after "framing britney" was out she stated that she feels uncomfortable that people bring the bad and traumatising moments back 

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8 minutes ago, DuranDuran said:

The same author, Eileen Reslin, wrote this article in 2019:



And this:



So, yeah, this author isn't trustworthy!

Notice she also wrote this! https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a22130361/britney-spears-boyfriend-sam-asghari-fitness/

Claiming Sam attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's football summer program, 

Which the university have denied his attendance entirely since (good old fans doing their usual digging)

(Also I copied and pasted the name for the uni from the article and now I'm too unbothered to change the font and highlight that's cursed the rest of this message so apologies for this annoying aesthetic 😂😂😂)

but I'm starting to think that Sam might be the 'Source' insider, close to her, always reporting to Paige six.

You have to remember that he STILL commented under the 'me time' post from 2019 saying something along the lines of him being proud of her and that this was a sign of strength, yet we ALL know that she was forced into the mental facility. It's almost like he is there to carry on forming a narrative.....

Notice how he posted the video of 'tango' the horse too on his story too, with a MUCH fuller beard, compared to his shaved appearance  earlier on in his story (the mirror selfie of him)

Also with Britney and the long blonde hair with NO red hair dye to be seen, to further the narrative that her recent posts ARE in fact recent (which I don't believe at all)

he also says 'KISS TANGO' in the video which I find weird and controlling but anyway... that's a small detail and doesn't prove anything. But, I'm starting to get the feeling HE is the source for page six and that HE might even be controlling her instagram at this point.....

It is weird that HE is one of the only people who has been able to get close to her in the most recent years, and he is ALSO SO desperate to be successful and become a star. It's all so fishy.

Where was his voice over the past 5 years when Britney was in this conservatorship and suffering the abuse she has endured? You tell me.... 👀

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I don't see how it's hard to believe she might be upset about another doc... I believe over time she'll be grateful that these docs have helped her in her case and with the public perception of her but for now she's in the middle of a very delicate situation with the con and she's a very shy person so how could she not be embarrased or worried what they're going to say, after all the trauma and how impotent she feels not being able to tell her story herself? And right before the most important day of her last 14 years, I mean...imagine what she must be going through emotionally.

Even when friends throw you a surprise bday party, you might thank them later but first you feel embarrased (if you're shy). Imagine if instead of a bday party it's a "hey, this is for your own good but i'm gonna tell your personal stuff to all these people, the day before you risk your freedom".

Also, she can be both grateful in some ways AND embarrased/upset at the same time, feelings are not one OR the other. 

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10 hours ago, Like A Slumber Party said:

I'm surprised she wouldn't support it because she likely hasn't seen it yet. Also I wonder who the "source" is who's speaking on behalf of Britney. Personally, I would rather hear from Britney's mouth via a video posted on social media or an Instagram live about how she feels about the documentary... preferably after she's watched it in full. 

I mean taking into consideration the type of documentary that have been done about her its normal not to support the idea from the get go lol.

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