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Britney reportedly does not support the new Netflix documentary 'Britney vs Spears'

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I don't understand why anyone would be surprised if this is true. It certainly feels like exploitation to Britney, because the same media that DESTROYED her back then is now the same media that is trying to ''save'' her. I do think she feels exploited sometimes, specially when they show humiliating times that she went thru and of course she doesn't want to be reminded of that. On the other hand, the exposure definitely helped the movement and now there's a lot of pressure to free her from this conservatorship. We, as fans, should be grateful because she is finally reaching her freedom, but that doesn't mean Britney should be happy about the exposure she is going through.

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13 minutes ago, Like A Slumber Party said:

This does put things in perspective. Here's another perspective – if a project ends up exposing people who have allegedly wronged her, wouldn't she want the spotlight on that?

It’s a sticky situation and a win-loss type of a deal. On one hand, it’s great to see the attention towards a corrupt and abuse conservatorship like Britney’s but on the other hand, it’s not easy for her to have these traumas displayed, especially when she isn’t involved. This has happened in Hollywood and film for decades, it’s nothing new. Documentaries profiting off of other people’s misfortunes — without a formal or proper blessing. Fortunately, Britney seems to have a loving support group — which includes her fiancé, as well as massive support from the general public. If anything, Sam may help her see it from a different perspective/ lens. In general though, I think Britney’s always been embarrassed or has had a difficult time to process some moments from 2007-onwards. She seems very non-confrontational about certain things but can you blame her? Team Con didn’t help her out either back in the day but instead pushed this narrative that she’s fine and swept everything under the rug. Like I said before, the truth will finally come to light when Britney is willing or ready to write a memoir or release her own documentary.

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Definitely true. It feels exploitative, and is still a documentary about her life without Britney talking in it. The trailer literally starts with people speaking on behalf of Britney "Britney this" "Britney never wanted to...", almost as if she was dead

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13 minutes ago, Oxic said:

Definitely true. It feels exploitative, and is still a documentary about her life without Britney talking in it. The trailer literally starts with people speaking on behalf of Britney "Britney this" "Britney never wanted to...", almost as if she was dead

I agree and it’s the courts fault like Britney said they make her feel like she’s dead. She’s been completely inaccessible and treated like a dead artist / nostalgia act. What’s been done to her is disgusting and inhumane. 

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47 minutes ago, SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN said:

I believe it. This is hard pill to swallow for many but fans seem to forget that Britney is human. No one likes to have their personal traumas or turmoils publicized on such a huge platform for the world to see, or in this case relived but I guess that’s the inescapable price that comes with being famous — and unfortunately, many of Britney’s own fans are guilty of fueling this fire. Even if Britney came out and said that she was embarrassed (which she has before) or does not support these kind of documentaries, you guys still wouldn’t believe it and would probably find a way to mock her. I’m sorry Britney. We’re all guilty.

I mean I could honestly seeing her not supporting it bc like you said at the end of the day she's human and having her personal traumas out there can be very embarrassing, but part of me has to believe that she knows this is helping her case so how could she be fully against it? Besides, even in the Framing Britney spears documentary people close to her said very complementary things about her and most were even against the cship. How could she not like people complementing and supporting her?

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I trust page six as much as I trust TMZ...

I was thinking tho....Jamie Spears seems to think he is Britney so perhaps that’s the “Britney“ who is unhappy about the doc

Suspicious Will Smith GIF

joking aside, The vibe so far from trailer and ELC interview feels like this will be a continuation of what FBS started instead of another rehash 🤞 I think netflix got scooped a little so instead of devoting more energy to showing the media as a villain, they will show the aftermath. And hopefully expose all the corruption that went into silencing her ie the true villains. 

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Britney supports the Free Britney movement, but doesn’t support a documentary, which is, essentially a condensed version of all the facts, despite saying in court that she wants to “expose” what they’ve done to her and share her story with the world?  Sure Jan.  I’m sure feels some type of way about using specific footage (head shaving, ambulance, etc) but I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t at least appreciate the support.

Either way, it’s a huge case - and for years the public has been relatively anti-Britney, assuming she’s crazy.  These documentaries are changing that narrative, while simultaneously casting a huge spotlight on all these shady, corrupt, team-con players.  So even if she feels some type of way, I’m still here for it and (assuming it’s COMPLETELY on her side) I’m here for it.  She will get the chance to share her story in her own words, trust and believe.

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2 hours ago, tobstar73 said:

Until she says it live on video. I don’t believe it at all. These documentaries have changed her situation for the better. 

But they exploit her life, especially the 2007 stuff. It's perfectly reasonable for her to feel awkward around this and it's something the filmmakers have expressed they understand.

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I hope they make her proud instead. As long as they are respectful to her and don't show any of her bad moments in 2007, and exposes all of the corruption I'm here for it. I have high hopes after Felicia is in it and the trailer. I think this is going to continue to get her free! I can't wait to hear from Britney herself in a book, a documentary or a TV tell-all interview.

Page 6 could literally be anyone. It could be Jamie Spears for all we know, he's still involved in this right now.

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