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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹



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Hi everyone! 
some of you may have seen me on here posting somewhat iconic threads while other threads of mine flop harder than the album Lotus :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

I have been using Exhale for sooo long and I’ve always had so much respect for this place. I love that it’s a community for all Britney fans and I love that we are all different. We all have our thoughts and opinions but in the end, our love and protection over Britney is as one. We literally started a movement that began the process to free her and regain control to her life! :mimiclap_mariah_clapping_applause_proud_yes_Yas:

It’s so much fun coming on here and seeing the updates, the conversations and to be honest some of ya’ll are just too funny and post the funniest stuff! It makes my whole day some days. The mods are also doing a good job at keeping this place running smoothly and positively! 

Britney is so close to her next court date, it’s only natural to be nervous for her or to be suspicious of someone and want the best for her. Let’s just remember to think of Britney and know that she’s so smart and she’s not letting anyone take control of her life again. I think we all just need to trust the queen and remain positive :kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night and just know to never take me or my comments too seriously and that I only want what’s best for Britney!

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