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We want lady gaga, Britney.  


What we don't want is A girl named Madonna.  She isn't our culture.  


She represents her generations MTV. 


That's the comments I saw. 


So my snarky arse. Oh you mean Madonna represented MTV when it was all about the Music and only music. 


Hint the original name. 

MTV: Music television.  


That shut them up. Cos they had no idea MTV was originally built on the first TV channel devoted to just Music.

But when your era of MTV is defined by reruns or ridiculousness, and teen mom I can't blame them for their ignorance.  They didn't grow up with MTV the way we did. 

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1 hour ago, KrisJ said:

- Only 900K viewers

- MTV saw a 31 per cent plummet in viewership from last year's award show 

- The VMAs have seen declining numbers since 2011, which peaked at 12.4million viewers

- But social media interactions are high, with the 2021 VMAs pulling in more social media reaction than the Super Bowl for the first time 

- No Britney = No Ratings


They need to go on tik tok now. You said it social media is at its highest interaction.  


Plus tik tok stars and influencers aren't really rebels or rock and roll now are they..


I miss the days when MTV was anarchy fest at it's best. 

Courtney looking like a mess while sabotaging a pre show Madonna interview.  That's MTV at its peak of anything can go wrong and it did. 

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Lil Nas X invaded the VMA red carpet wearing a lavender dress. The VMA audience said: No! Normani finally got her wish to perform on the VMA stage. The VMA audience said: No! Madonna made an opening monologue dressed as a dominatrix. The VMA audience said: No!

When will MTV learn that we want Britney Spears, not these stunts or Doja with a chair on her head. :wyd_wtf_meme_hand_umm_wth_what_the_hell:

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25 minutes ago, Bigno said:

Anybody who slightly cares about VMAs is not the "let's sit down for 2 hours and watch an award show with ads and ppl I dont care about" type. MTV should migrate to Tik Tok and just upload snippets hahaha. 

this is the thing

I keep asking the same every year, do young people even watch TV anymore?

It makes total sense that it has a greater social media interaction than TV rating. Again, who's watching tv these days? And if there's people watching it, it must be the older generations, who have no connection whatsoever with the people attending these events nowadays.

Not to mention the whole fact that MTV doesn't even play music anymore, so what are they even celebrating with these shows? Like, the nominations are based on what, or which artists are expected to perform?


I ignore if they actually do it, but as you say, they should just air the show online, and then add everything on snippets on their social media pages.

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So I’m just gonna voice type test because I am exhausted again. The VMAs used to be called the Super Bowl for the youth at least around 2001 and it was really popular. If it wasn’t for artists or groups like Britney, Nirvana, Michael, Janet, Madonna and so forth there really wouldn’t be a VMAs. If it wasn’t for people like Fiona Apple and even Kanye West for that matter, the VMAs wouldn’t have been as relevant. 

I think what is really necessary to garner viewership is to have a full star studded talent fuelled set of performers and that isn’t to put down this year‘s performers either I just think that it needed an extra OOMF, you know? If you arent going to have music videos at least have incredible performances and moments


 I think Normani+ Chloe, and Lil Nas X did the VMAS justice in a 2021 setting where performances are not as appreciated by the general public (which once made up MTV’s audience). I like them and I think they are the future of pop perhaps?? 

I liked the highlight performances that I saw pieces of, but if they are going to be successful they need a 2016 level VMAS again. They need Britney, they need Beyoncé, they need Janet, they need Madge (even though I don’t like her anymore) they need Elton John, they need a variety of genres and performances from artists of all ages! That’s what makes it a MUSIC TELEVISION show

for example, the same year britney performed slave 4 u, Jay Z performed, Janet also performed…. Michael got on stage w nysync to perform Pop, Alicia Keys performed Fallin, Linkin Park performed, U2 even performed and ended up winning the Michael Jackson video vanguard award. We need diversity in terms of the music being presented, and that goes for nominations too. We need to open it up to all artists of all ages and all genres, to attract more audiences. It doesn’t have to be a 3 and a half hour show like it once was (they cut it in half by 2003 and it has since continued to lessen in length).

I really wish I could work for MTV News

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Because all the performances these days are wholly forgettable. There’s nothing iconic about any of them. We are still talking about the Slave VMA performance 20 years later, and by we I mean us Britney fans and the general public.

These days? I can’t even tell you wtf happened at last years VMAs. Or any from the last decade tbh. Music now is made for a quick hit, then dies out as soon as it came in. 

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